Tarot Card Meanings

78 Nights of Tarot is primarily devoted to gaining an understanding of every Tarot card. A thorough study attempts to define all Tarot card meanings after Axank has studied its associations and symbolism. Tarot card meanings are generic by themselves. Asking a very specific question will help make their meaning more relevant. Using a Tarot spread will also add another layer of complexity to its messages. The interpretation of Tarot card meanings also change depending on the card’s orientation (upside-down or right-side-up). The relationship between cards is also very important for understanding a viable storyline. The following index provides an easy way to view all posts regarding a particular Tarot card.

Card Group Overviews

These articles review cards which share a particular aspect. Reviewing cards in these groups can make it easier to understand them individually.

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Individual Tarot Cards

Posts which review cards individually.

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Tarot Decks

Posts organized by Tarot deck.