Yesod: The Nines

Written by Jacob. Published on October 14th, 2014 at 18:30.

Yesod relates to the Nines. Photo by Axank.

The Nines Relate to Yesod

9. Yesod. The Foundation. Energy Crystallized.

Yesod Associations

  • Location on the Tree: Third in the middle column, the Pillar of Equilibrium.
  • God-Name: Shaddai el Chai, the Almighty Living God.
  • Archangel-Name: Gabriel.
  • Microcosmic Human Appendage: Reproductive Organs.
  • Macrocosmic Astrological Entity: Moon (Luna)

Yesod Interpretations

And here we are, nearing the end of the sephiroth among the Tree of Life. The ninth sephirah, Yesod, appears at the central “Y connector” between Netzach, Tipareth, Hod, and Malkuth. Yesod specifically connects between Malkuth and Tipareth, requiring the lightening-path to cross through Yesod to gain access to Malkuth.

In it’s associations, Yesod is attributed to the Moon. The moon, as an archetype, is opposite to the Sun who is attributed to Tipareth. Generally speaking the two carry a dualistic relationship. To better understand Yesod, a great analogy to use is the sky. During the day, the Sun illuminates the earth, the sea, and the sky—with all the Earth in clear daylight, all life can be nourished and necessities cared to. When looking up you can see clouds and blue atmosphere, but nothing beyond it.

As night takes hold, the world is swallowed in darkness. It’s at this time the stars and planets appear beyond the limit of Earth’s atmosphere. The night sky creates a geological map and calendar, which is not present during the day. Yesod works within this realm, our unconscious, to provide inner workings and secrets of the world, which Tipareth may unintentionally blind us from. Yesod is a projection of the Earth in astral form, revealing spiritual and psychic traits. This works on both the macrocosm of the Earth, and the microcosm of the individual.

The Nines Group

As the second to last, there is a sense of hesitation, and the finish line of the race is within view—the cheering crowd can be heard in the distance. Represents the suit’s energy in crystallization, a transparent solidification. The final steps, wrapping things up, a glimpse at final manifestation to come, and maturity in balance.

The Nine of Wands

In the Thoth deck, this card clearly illustrates an arrow (Sagittarius) driving the emanations of the Sun (Tipareth) to the the Moon (Yesod). The two attract like magnets, their commitment undeniable. This card indicates commitment, such as an airborne arrow towards its target, intent on landing. My experience with Rider Waite indicates this is a card of defenses, keeping the guard up to prevent intrusion. The two connect in that it’s a commitment to keep your chin up, and the spirit fighting against all odds. The will to carry through.

The Nine of Cups

With the eight of cups we slipped away in search of something satiable, or not at all, and we’ve found just that. The nine of cups indicates joy, fulfillment, satisfaction, and gratification. This card works on a very personal level, quenching the thirst of those who had desired it. Your wishes granted, the cup refilled. Happiness and satisfaction.

The Nine of Swords

Of course the swords give us a very brutal yet grounding picture, one named “cruelty”. This card indicates the illogical and spontaneous nature of passions fueling the mind—therefore, leaving us with situations such as anxiety, fear, and over-thinking into a mental stupor. Nightmares, the issues that we play on repeat in our head to try to make sense of it (regardless of how damaging that actually is). This may indicate the individual is pushing it too hard, take a step back and do a reality check. Size up fears and see them for what they are. Racing thoughts, regrets, anguish, and self-pity. Your intuition is trying to tell you something while your reasoning is inconclusive.

The Nine of Disks

The toil from the eight of disks in the form of a paycheck. Cha-ching, no wonder it’s called “Gain” because you’re really just getting your return on investment here. Venus and Virgo within the balanced Yesod creates a pleasant atmosphere, and we are rewarded with their bounty. Increase, income, positivity, and all things materially beneficial.