Wheel of Fortune

Written by Jacob. Published on December 22nd, 2011 at 02:19.

Wheel of Fortune Rider Waite Tarot

Wheel of Fortune Artwork Description

“The wheel stands for the perpetual motion of a fluidic universe and for the flux of human life. The sphinx is the balance contained in this constant motion. The transliteration of Taro and Rota is inscribed on the wheel, counterchanged with the letters of the Divine Name — to show that Providence is implied through all. This is the Divine intention within, and the Divine intention without is exemplified by the four living creatures. Sometimes the sphinx is represented seated on pedestal above, which defrauds the symbolism by stultifying the essential idea of stability amid movement.” 1

Wheel of Fortune Associations

  • Ten: 10 Destiny, Completion.
  • Element: Fire.
  • Rune: Inguz “the God Ingwaz”.
  • Crystal/Gem: Cat’s Eye.
  • Kabbalah: Kaph “Palm of Hand”.
  • Astrological: Jupiter.
  • Astronomical: Polaris.

Wheel of Fortune Basic Meaning

Good-luck, joy, and happiness. Wealth and abundance. Destiny, achievement of goals or expectations, being at the right place at the right time. Elevation and change. New variables, environments, or ideas. Karma and payback. The obtainment of what the Querent has long desired.

Wheel of Fortune Controversies and Observations

“In recent years this card has received many fantastic presentations and one hypothetical reconstruction which is suggestive in its symbolism. In the eighteenth century the ascending and descending animals were really of nondescript character, one of them with a human head. At the summit was another monster with the body of an indeterminate beast, wings on shoulders and a crown on its head. It carried two wands in its claws. These are replaced in the reconstruction by a Hermanubis rising with the wheel, a sphinx seated at the summit and a typhon on the descending side.” 1

Additional Interpretations

“Meaning: Destiny, fortune, success, luck, happiness.

Reversed: Increase, abundance, superfluity.” 1

“Unexpected change in fortune or luck; a new chapter in an old project; new choices; new circumstances; learning to flow with circumstances without being a victim.” 2

“Basic Tarot Symbols: A wheel turning clockwise with rising/falling figures or beasts on it. Waite also includes a good many Hebrew letters and alchemical symbols. Often there is a sphinx perched atop the wheel.

Basic Tarot Meaning: With Jupiter as its ruling planet, the Wheel of Fortune is all about luck and change. The wheel symbolizes completeness as well as the rise and fall of fortunes and the message that what goes around comes around. Almost every definition of this card indicates abundance, happiness, elevation, or luck; a change that just happens, and brings with it great joy.

Thirteen’s Observations: As much as the Tarot is about what a querent can do to change their life or self, there are cards that admit that sometimes you just get lucky. Sometimes things happen to you over which you have no control, and you rise of fall on that turn of the wheel.

This is the card about how we sometimes find ourselves soaring up or down on life’s Ferris wheel. The Wheel can mean movement, change or evolution, and in that respect it can be about how we all change positions, some of us rising some of us falling, some dropping to a nadir, some reaching a zenith.

Most of the time, however, this card suggests that such changes will bring with them good fortune. The person you’re reading for is going to get that money, that job, that promotion, that marriage proposal, that break they’ve been waiting for. Call it karmic payback for all the good things they’ve done in life – destiny or just luck – but whatever lotteries are out there, large or small, they’ve just won one.” 3

Axank’s Dream Recollection

December 20-21, 2011
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