Unnecessary Tarot Spreads

Written by Jacob. Published on February 11th, 2014 at 02:42.

There’s something that’s been bothering me about Tarot spreads. My original thoughts were, “there’s a right spread for the right person at the right time. Why not have them all collected in a library?” Some have been very impressive and others appear indistinguishable from the next.

Over time I’ve realized retaining a plethora of Tarot spreads is not productive. Having a library of Tarot spreads will really do nothing for you other than cloud your vision. “Which spread do I use for this person? Is this the right one, or is it this one?” I’ve done it before, reading cards for some one when their proposed question reminds me of that one unique spread I found. I get excited to try it, and I perform the reading (or worse, I force the spread into the question where it doesn’t belong). Instead of providing the querent with cohesive information I start to lose the connections between cards or the original intent of the question asked. By the end of the reading I have an answer to a request that was never proposed. Then I realize how effective a 3 card or a Celtic Cross spread would have been. We call them basics not because they are simple, but because they are the base-foundations of our techniques from which everything else builds.

In regression, I encourage creativity especially when I know first hand the satisfaction of crafting a spread for a direct purpose. Some spreads are created on the spot and do the reading justice. But everything you do must have a purpose and should be justifiable in some way. If the excitement of crafting a spread overshadows the act of Tarot divination itself you are doing no good. Keep your self in check: Is what I’m doing effective?