Two of Wands

Written by Jacob. Published on February 25th, 2014 at 20:00.

Two of Wands Thoth Tarot

Two of Wands Imagery

Two demon-headed Tibetan Dorjes cross each other in a beautiful and radiant array of reds and emerald colors.

Two of Wands Associations

  • Formula: Chokmah of Atziluth + Mars in Aries = “Dominion”
  • Numerical: Duality, Cooperation, Balance
  • Elemental: Cardinal Fire
  • Decan of the Zodiac: 0º—10º Aries (Mar 21—Mar 30)
  • Sephira: Chokmah “Wisdom”
  • Ruled by the Queen of Wands

Two of Wands Interpretations

Making a choice, competition between two options, and contrast. The two of wands is blessed with the word “dominion” and it’s exactly that: Where does your dominance lie? Because, it can only be in one or the other.

In addition, the energy of Mars and personality of Aries together creates quite the rumble. This card is head-strong, energetic, and boisterous. This card signifies actions in full effect.

Additional Interpretations

“Influence over others, authority, power, dominion. Strength, domination, harmony of rule and of justice. Boldness, courage, fierceness, shamelessness, revenge, resolution, generous, proud, sensitive, ambitious, refined, restless, turbulent, sagacious withal, yet unforgiving and obstinate.” 6

“Dominion. Fire in its highest form. Energy initiating a current of force. Harmony of rule and justice. Influence over another. Boldness Courage. Fierceness. Ill-dignified: Restlessness. Turbulence. Obstinacy.” 5

“Dominion. Chokmah in the suit of Fire. Mars in Aries. Here are two dorjes crossed. The dorje is the Tibetan symbol of destruction. But destruction may be regarded as the first step in the creative process.” 5

“Dominion. Mars in Aries. Chokmah. Two dorjes crossed, meaning destruction as a beginning of creation.” 5

Axank’s Dream Recall

December 03-04, 2013
My backyard is shared with my neighbor. They had completely revised the yard and redistributed the land by using large heavy curtains and dusting out a path in the gravel—they repurposed both our properties and changed them into two paths that were equal but opposite. I was actually happy with the way they had redistributed the property.