Two of Wands

Written by Jacob. Published on October 4th, 2011 at 16:43.

Two of Wands Rider Wait Tarot

Two of Wands Artwork Description

“A tall man looks from a battlemented roof over sea and shore; he holds a globe in his right hand and a staff in his left rests on the battlement; another is fixed in a ring. The Rose and Cross and Lily should be noticed on the left side.” 1

Two of Wands Associations

  • Two: Duality. balance. male/female relationship. conflict/contradiction. unison/synchronization.
  • Element: Fire.
  • Timing: Summer; hasty; immediate/fast-paced.
  • Direction: South/ubiquitous; spontaneous.
  • Keywords: Passion, personal driving force; the arts, creative-source, hobbies; career/ambitions; personality/ego; travel, trade, and commerce.

Two of Wands Basic Meaning

The Two of Wands is about choice. You are offered two paths to travel and you must leave one behind to travel the other. You cannot handle two passions simultaneously. This card means you must use decisiveness and leadership to end disputes or conflicting ideals.

Additional Interpretations

“A new partnership; using leadership to solve communication difficulties; meetings; resolving conflicts; appropriate mitigation of circumstances; business merger; success; using one’s initiative to overcome obstacles.” 2

“Picture usually features a man with one wand in hand, the other set aside. Thus, the card is usually about making a choice. Wands are passion, and passion is not something that works when split. It requires a single focus. This card indicates a choice about where to put your energy and passion. Some readers find this card confusing as compared to the Lovers card, which is also about choice.

The Lovers is usually about an unexpected choice coming into your life. You intended to go one way, but something appeared, you feel connected to it, and now have a choice to make. Often the Lovers carries a feeling that the wrong choice could lead to real regret.

By comparison, the two wands present you with equal directions to go. A fork in the road and either way seems good. Or two ways of doing the same thing. Both look good, but you can only put your energy into doing one. So you make a choice. You’ll likely have an instinctive feeling that one is slightly more to your liking then the other. This card signals that moment where you pause, give both walking sticks a feel in the hand and decide on one over the other. You likely will not regret that choice, only that you didn’t have energy enough to do both.” 3

“Meaning: Between the alternative readings there is no marriage possible: on the one hand, riches, fortune, magnificence; on the other, physical suffering, disease, chagrin, sadness, mortification. The design gives one suggestion: here is a lord overlooking his dominion and alternatively contemplating a globe; it looks like the malady, the mortification, the sadness of Alexander amid the grandeur of this world’s wealth. A young lady may expect trivial disappointments.

Reversed: Surprise, wonder, enchantment, emotion, trouble, fear.” 1

Axank’s Dream Recollection

October 3-4, 2011
I remember dreaming about a live action Hey! Arnold (I must be obsessed with that show or something), and it was total chaos. There was also some kind of get together at this awesome house I was at, but I was kind of a loner there. There were two spiders <the card is no. 2> in a web, one of which I thought was in my bed when I woke up!