Three of Swords

Written by Jacob. Published on July 3rd, 2014 at 18:30.

Three of Swords Thoth Tarot

Three of Swords Imagery

Two swords bend and meet at point. A third sword divides their intersection, while the flower at its point falls to pieces. Darkness engulfs the card.

Three of Swords Associations

  • Formula: Binah of Atziluth + Saturn in Libra = “Sorrow”
  • Numerical: Triad, Creation
  • Elemental: Cardinal Air
  • Decan of the Zodiac: 10º—20º Libra (October 3—October 12)
  • Sephira: Binah “Understanding”
  • Ruled by the Queen of Swords

Three of Swords Interpretations

Ouch! The two of swords were manageable, but when the third sword was thrown in the mix it plunged right through the heart. This is a card of depression and woe. Lon Milo states that it is not something as serious as the death of a loved one, but from what I understood to be more of brooding state. Libra who works hard to keep things level and is unable to retain the balance with the presence of Saturn.

Another common image of this card is a heart pierced by three swords. This picture is very clear as to the sensation that is felt, and what this card represents. Ache, hurt, sharp and quick, thankfully it is temporary and the 4 of swords gives us a place to recover.

I think the positive aspects of this card, of depression or a state of pain, is the perspective that comes with it. It’s a wake up call, it’s gravity, and it’s real. Possibly taught by tough love.

Additional Interpretations

“Unhappiness, sorrow, and tears. Disruption, interruption, separation, quarreling; sowing of discord and strife, mischief-making, sorrow and tears; yet mirth in Platonic pleasures; singing, faithfulness in promises, honesty in money transactions, selfish and dissipated, yet sometimes generous: deceitful in words and repetitions; the whole according to dignity.” 6

“Sorrow. Melancholy. Unhappiness. Tears. Disruption. Sowing of discord and strife. Delay. Absence. Separation. Mirth in forbidden pleasures. Deceit. Well-dignified: Singing. Faithfulness in promises. Honesty in money transactions.” 5

“Sorrow. Binah in the suit of Air. Saturn in Libra. The card represents the Great Sword of the Magician, point uppermost, cutting the junction of the two short swords. Th background shows crystallization and storm. This is the darkness of the Great Sea.” 5

“Sorrow. Saturn in Libra. Binah. A magician’s sword and two short ones are tearing the rose to pieces. This suggests the confusion and darkness of the intellect which is emancipated without a guiding principle.” 5

Axank’s Dream Recall

March 04-05, 2014
In the countryside I came to an autoshop. When I approached the mechanic to have him look at my car he told me to pitch a camping tent and kick back and relax, maybe have a few drinks and watch TV with him. I was totally confused and kind of freaked out but then realized this was a repair shop with some odd customer service perks. I had a feeling they didn’t want me to leave and I came to accept it.