The Twos

Written by Jacob. Published on October 28th, 2011 at 04:40.

The Twos Rider Waite Tarot

Twos — Balance

Cooperation / Partnership / Contrast / Apprehension
Descendants of The High Priestess, these cards all dabble in issues of counterparts and components—pieces that are two parts of one whole, or one whole that becomes two parts.

Overview of the Twos

The twos are all about duality: Working with each other, working against each other. Combining and separating. Sometimes people work well together, sometimes they’re better separate and far apart. There are friends, there are enemies. The twos aren’t all about working together—it is often about a dance of fire and ice competing for the spot light.

“The twos are related to the High Priestess. As such they indicate duality, a pause between two choices or an attempt do two thing at once. Most importantly, they indicate instinctual knowledge. Aces are undirected energy; the twos are that point where you find out more about the energy so that you can know which direction to go with it.” 3

Comparing and Contrasting the Twos

The Two of Pentacles is the card of multi-tasking, doing (at least) two things at once. This means that one task must be favored over one, and then vice-versa, and their attention will compete until the system either fails or becomes mastered by the Querent—cooperation. The Two of Swords is a card of conflict, things which offend and attack another, it is up to the Querent to keep peace or until a final blow is dealt—apprehension. The Two of Cups is a card of two components becoming one entity—unison; as the Two of Wands is a card of two entities trying to outshine each other as separate entities—uniqueness.