The Tower

Written by Jacob. Published on August 12th, 2016 at 02:30.

The Tower Thoth Tarot

The Tower Imagery

An Eye of Horus/Shiva radiate a zig-zag of lightning and fire. Figures are seen being thrown from the tower. A dove and a serpent are seen in the corners of the card indicating the “Will to Live” and the “Will to Die”.

The Tower Associations

  • Tree of Life Path: #27—Netzach and Hod
  • Zodiacal Trump: Pe (“Mouth”)
  • Hebrew Letter: Mars

Path #27: Netzach to Hod

The Sephirah of the emotional/irrational heart to the logical/rational mind. The energy contained between these two is extraordinarily and unkept which very much compliments its crossing path Art (Temperance).

The Tower Interpretations

The Tower is ruled by the planet Mars, God of War, and is a symbol for chaos, destruction, and release. When this card appears it indicates structures collapsing down to their foundation.

This card always indicates crisis to occur suddenly, usually without warning. Accidents, disasters, sudden injury—all examples of physical/literal destruction. The card can also mean a state of intense stress or anxiety.

When the tower works in the querent’s favor it indicates a “battle-ready” state of mind, ready to make any sacrifice or go any length to achieve victory. This can be dangerous if the querent is not using caution to guide their militant actions.

The tower can also indicate a release of built up emotions or represent the explosion that occurs after sensitive information is released. From the rubble after catastrophe—a new structure could be built for a stronger and more deserving tower.

Additional Interpretations

“Quarrel, combat, danger, ruin, destruction of plans, sudden death, escape from prison.” 6

“Quarrel. Combat. Danger. Ruin. Destruction of plans. Ambition. Courage. Sudden death. Escape from prison and all it implies.” 5

“This card is attributed to the Hebrew letter Pe, which means a mouth. The card, which admits of two interpretations in one, is a manifestation in its rudest form, of pure destruction, the destruction of the old-established Aeon by lightning, flames, and engines of war. The other interpretation is drawn from the cult of Shiva. At the top of the card appears the Eye of Shiva. According to this, the card represents perfection, the perfection of annihilation by emancipation from the prison of organised life. The dove and the serpent represent the feminine and masculine impulses. in the language of Schopenhauer, ‘The Will to Live and the Will to Die’.” 5

“Mars. Peh. Here is purification through fire, lightning, flames, war. The open mouth at the base of the card alludes to the Hebrew attribution Peh meaning a mouth, the eye is the Eye of Shiva. The card is designed on the form of a carbon crystal, the figures falling from the tower are made of carbon, the serpent on the right is the symbol of the active will to live, the dove on the left is passive resignation to death.” 5

Axank’s Dream Recall

February 02-03, 2016
I remember having a vinyl record case that had black and yellow designs on it. I was using a paint brush + water (or maybe some kind of acid) to re-wet the ink and paint the lettering and other design elements down into a simple yellow or black; I was traveling by train alone. I had a suitcase that had some kind of battery that could recharge my devices in it. I was struggling to get everything connected.