The Threes

Written by Jacob. Published on October 29th, 2011 at 04:40.

The Threes Rider Waite Tarot

Threes — Growth

Creation / Fulfillment / Anticipation / Deconstruction
Descendants of the Empress, the threes are an expansive quality.

Overview of the Threes

Threes are an extension. Twos were about moving forward, they danced, they fought, they came together as one. Now the two have produced a third. The positive Yang and negative Yin have created a third, a neutral and intertwining force. The three come closer together in a dynamic entity. How many triadic powers can you think of?

“Ruling over the threes is the Empress whose card is about newborn things, which must be nursed and babied. As the twos were the fact-finding period, the period or hammering out the details, putting off the decision or making the decision, threes are about using that knowledge to take the first step or get the first results. It is about improvising our way through those early times of fragile development.” 3

Comparing and Contrasting the Threes

The Three of Pentacles is one of solidification. Your skills have manifested and are starting to prove themselves. The Three of Swords are an inverted interpretation: deconstruction. Sometimes things that are built up, don’t stay up, they crumble to pieces. When it comes to the social life, the Three of Cups says “PARTY!”, time to really enjoy friends and the good things. The Three of Wands are very serious, “I’m waiting for what I want”. It’s almost like while the threes are expanding out and progressing, the wands are in delay—but that’s because a large force has been sent out, sent out so far and with so much force it won’t return until the next step in the cycle (that’s how powerful the element of fire is)!