The Sun

Written by Jacob. Published on September 1st, 2016 at 01:30.

The Sun Thoth Tarot

The Sun Imagery

The Sun radiates a powerful solar energy out of the card. Zodiac signs ring the sun and dancing twin children who are male and female twins of freedom and innocence.

The Sun Associations

  • Tree of Life Path: #30—Hod and Yesod
  • Zodiacal Trump: Sun
  • Hebrew Letter: Resh (“Head”)

Path #30: Hod to Yesod

From the Mercuric Sephriah to the Lunar Sephirah. The Sun often represents the outward persona which is conversely tempered by the inward persona (The Moon).

The Sun Interpretations

The Sun has been worshiped for Aeons for the life-sustaining nourishment it blesses us with. All life begins, grows, and dies under the Sun—The Sun is a symbol for the cycle of life and life itself. It is also a symbol of beauty and divine design for a harmonious dynamic.

This card represents extreme positivity including satisfaction, happiness, and success. Like daylight, it brings clarity into reality. This card can also represent our outward conscious persona, the one which is present during social interaction and openly visible personality traits (conversely, the Moon representing the subconscious/hidden persona).

The Sun requires a balance of extreme opposing forces to retain its potency and longevity. Ill-dignified, the card can indicate the ego out of balance and self-servingly desirous. This card usually represents clarity and success for the querent.

Additional Interpretations

“Glory, gain riches, triumph, pleasure, frankness, ruth, shamelessness, arrogance, vanity, manifestation, recovery from sickness, but sometimes sudden death.” 6

“Glory. Gain. Riches. Triumph. Pleasure. Frankness. Truth. Shamelessness. Manifestation. Recover from sickness, but sometimes sudden death. Ill-dignified: Arrogance. Vanity.” 5

“This card represents the Lord of the new Aeon, the Lord of Light, Life, Liberty and Love, and the complete emancipation of the human race. The green mound represents the fertile earth, but the presence of a wall shows that the new Aeon does not mean the absence of control. The twin children are represented as dancing outside the wall, because they typify the new stage in human history, the stage of complete freedom from the restrictions imposed by such ideas as sin and death.” 5

“This card shows the simple human approach to the mysteries. The Sun is the lord of life, liberty, light and love. The children are dancing the butterfly wings. They are surrounded by the signs of the Zodiac, showing the different houses through which the Sun passes.” 5

Axank’s Dream Recall

August 19-20, 2016
I was with family and around all the people from church when I was in high school. Everyone was encouraging me about how my sexuality was okay and didn’t bother them but did identify a few people who had issues with it. Some of the people who were pointed out surprised me, but overall it was good to know I could be comfortable around all the people who I was always uncomfortable around. I also gained a lot of confidence regarding the people who didn’t approve, knowing I didn’t need their approval and could just laugh at them and walk away from it unharmed.