The Sun

Written by Jacob. Published on January 18th, 2012 at 02:10.

The Sun Rider Waite Tarot

The Sun Artwork Description

“A naked child, mounted on a white horse, displays a red standard [see controversies and observations below]. It is the destiny of the supernatural East and the great and holy light which goes before the endless procession of humanity, coming out from the walled garden of the sensitive life and passing on the journey home. The card signifies, therefore, the transit from the manifest light of this world, represented by the glorious sun of earth, to the light of the world to come, which goes before aspiration and is typified by the heart of a child.” 1

The Sun Associations

  • Nineteen: 19 Success, Clarity.
  • Element: Fire.
  • Rune: Sowelu “Sun”.
  • Crystal/Gem: Amber.
  • Kabbalah: Resh “Head”.
  • Astrological: Sun.
  • Astronomical: Shemesh.

The Sun Basic Meaning

Triumph, success and the glory that follows with it. Clarity—where The Moon was about confusion and illusion—The Sun reveals shadows and illuminates darkness. Happiness, contentment, and positive energy. Holy light and knowledge. Action, creativity, and the heart of a child.

The Sun Controversies and Observations

“The sun is distinguished in older cards by chief rays that are waved and salient alternately and by secondary salient rays. It appears to shed its influence on earth not only by light and heat, but—like the moon—by drops of dew. Beneath the Dog Star there is a wall suggesting an enclosure—perhaps a walled garden—where there are two children, either naked or lightly clothed, facing a pool, and gambolling, or running hand in hand. These are sometimes replaced by a spinner unwinding destinies, and otherwise by a much better symbol—a naked child mounted on a white horse and displaying a scarlet standard.” 1

Additional Interpretations

“Meaning: Material happiness, fortunate marriage, contentment.

Reversed: The same in a lesser sense.” 1

“Success; the will; happiness; pleasure; good partnership or marriage; positive attitude; creativity; action oriented.” 2

“Basic Tarot Symbols: The Sun, one or two naked children (a naked little boy, sometimes riding a white pony or a boy and a girl), sunflowers, often a wall, sometimes a red banner.

Basic Tarot Meaning: The Sun is ruled by…the Sun, of course and as the Moon was your inner darkness, the wild, untamed, unconscious part of you, the Sun is your inner light, civilized and rational, yang to yin, Apollo to Diana.

The Sun promises the querent their day in the sun. Glory, triumph, simple pleasures and truths. As the moon symbolized inspiration from dreams, this card symbolizes discoveries made wide awake. This is science and math, beautifully constructed music, carefully reasoned philosophy. It is a card of intellect and youthful energy.

Like the Sun, the querent will likely come across to others as warm and radiant, and they can be told that this is a good time to make decisions and take tests.

Standing for another person, this card can indicate those in the querent’s life who are the most level headed and sunny. Also the most youthful. And, yes, the child/children in this card can be taken literally if other cards in the spread seem to suggest it. Your querent can be informed that a wanted and most welcome babe will soon be on the way. Likely a boy, or twins.

Thirteen’s Observations: I actually have predicted children with this card once, and once only. Most of the time, however, this card, to me, is all about the Apollian ideal. Young, healthy, new and fresh. Things that were muddled come clear, everything falls into place, and everything seems to go your way. The money you were waiting for arrives, errors in the math are corrected to give you a bit more than expected. The project you’ve been working on comes out perfectly and you get all the credit. Traffic lights turn green for you, liars come clean and apologize, the garden blooms, the sky is blue, the weather is warm and sweet.

Is there another side to this? As with all the cards, there can be. Too much sun can leave you sunburned, which is to say that the card can indicate being too rational and factual, or too optimistic. You may see everything as bright and cheery, ignoring possible shadows. A person can end up fainting from sunstroke because they were too much in the light and heat.

For the most part, however, this card echoes the song: ‘Here comes the Sun….’ and absolutely everything is going to be all right.” 3

Axank’s Dream Recollection

January 15-16, 2012
No dreams recalled.