The Suit of Wands

Written by Jacob. Published on June 12th, 2014 at 19:01.

Suit of Wands Thoth Tarot

The suit of wands is associated with the element of Fire, the season of Summer, and the East. Wands represent our spirit and life-force energy. When Wands appear they will indicate matters deriving from will-power, attitude, or integrity. The court cards are quite abrasive and rash—impulsive, animated, and domineering.

The Wand Symbol

“Magical weapon representing the magician’s will. The wand represents the Chiah (life force) part of the soul, and the Qabalistic world of Atziluth (archetypal world).” 6

Suit of Wands Card Meaning Summaries

Ace of Wands — Aether of Fire

The initiate of will-power, dominance, and passion. At the beginning of its path we are unknowing to what powers may come to be but we know it lies within the world of Atziluth.

Two of Wands — Mars + Aries — “Dominion”

Conflict of interest. Opposing forces. Dual for dominance.

Three of Wands — Sun + Aries — “Virtue”

Morality, belief, strength. Pride or maybe even arrogance.

Four of Wands — Venus + Aries — “Completion”

A goal achieved. A moment of rest after great work.

Five of Wands — Saturn + Leo — “Strife”

Quarreling, arguing, competition.

Six of Wands — Jupiter + Leo — “Victory”

Success, pride, dominance. Rulership and satisfaction.

Six of Wands — Mars + Leo — “Valour”

Mutiny. Standing your ground against uprising forces. Having the upper-hand over others.

Eight of Wands — Mercury + Sagittarius — “Swiftness”

Haste and long-strides. Freedom, communication, violence, boldness.

Nine of Wands — Moon + Sagittarius — “Strength”

Stone-wall defense. Recovery and strength.

Ten of Wands — Saturn + Sagittarius — “Oppression”

Burdened by opposing force or responsibility. Struggle to survive.

Princess of Wands — Innocent + Intuitive/Thinking + Introverted/Perceiving

Independent, dramatic, and enthusiastic. The honest persona of the suit of Wands as derived from the ace.

Prince of Wands — Youthful + Intuitive/Thinking + Extroverted/Perceiving

Brash, loyal, and generous. He is quite obvious in his actions, but they are bold nonetheless. Similar to the personality of Leo.

Queen of Wands — Mature + Intuitive/Thinking + Introverted/Judging

Attractive, steady, and domineering. Her strength appears in ways unexpected. Similar to the personality of Aries.

Knight of Wands — Shrewd + Intuitive/Thinking + Extroverted/Judging

A very active individual. Fierce, or brutal, he can be violent if you keep him from his goal. Similar to the personality of Sagittarius.