The Suit of Swords

Written by Jacob. Published on August 5th, 2014 at 18:30.

Suit of Swords Thoth Tarot

The suit of Swords is associated with Air, the season of spring, and the South. Swords represent our intellect and judgement. When a sword appears it may indicate a situation where we need to use logic or make a justifiable decision. Swords also indicate divine intervention, invocation, forces which occur outside of our control that we must deal with. The court cards are observant and intellectual—they are thinkers who are adept to communication, but by default are emotionally aloof.

The Sword Symbol

“Magical weapon representing the magician’s mind. The sword represents the Ruach (intellect) part of the soul and the Qabalistic world of Yetzirah (formative world).” 6

Suit of Swords Card Meaning Summaries

Ace of Swords — Aether of Air

Justice, finding moral justification. Clarity of thought or perspective. Making adjustments based on karmic past. A force from on high, beyond human control.

Two of Swords — Moon + Libra — “Peace”

Differing opinions compromised. Balancing truths, temporary resolution.

Three of Swords — Saturn + Libra — “Sorrow”

Emotional trauma. Rational mind trumping the irrational heart.

Four of Swords — Jupiter + Libra — “Truce”

Truths in agreement. Rest, re-cooperation. Prayer.

Five of Swords — Venus + Aquarius — “Defeat”

No vantage point, Injustice. Cut your losses. Surrender.

Six of Swords — Mercury + Aquarius — “Science”

Perspective. Clear thinking. Transition.

Seven of Swords — Moon + Aquarius — “Futility”

Plans awry. Shortened force. Purging agendas.

Eight of Swords — Jupiter + Gemini — “Interference”

Inefficient, insufficient, scatter-brained. Excessive expenses or energy.

Nine of Swords — Mars + Gemini — “Cruelty”

Torture, fear, worry. Mental war, depression.

Ten of Swords — Sol + Gemini — “Ruin”

Destruction, demise. Total despair or death. An exit.

Princess of Swords — Innocent + Sensing/Thinking + Introverted/Perceiving

Inquisitive and vocal. Thoughts and imagination easily transferred to reality by action/expression. .

Prince of Swords — Youthful + Sensing/Thinking + Extroverted/Perceiving

An unresting mind. An active cognitive or imaginative ability. Similar to the personality of Gemini.

Queen of Swords — Mature + Sensing/Thinking + Introverted/Judging

Reserved and observant. Acute observation, and ability to extract and analyze information. At times merciless or shallow. Similar to the personality of Libra.

King of Swords — Shrewd + Sensing/Thinking + Extroverted/Judging

A strategist, highly logical and scientifically minded. His intellect is so massive it outweighs his sensitivity to the human heart which can make him appear tyrannical or emotionless. Similar to the personality of Aquarius.