The Suit of Disks

Written by Jacob. Published on November 13th, 2013 at 20:30.

The Suit of Disks Thoth Tarot

Known to more classical decks as the suit of Pentacles, the suit of Disks also is associated with the element of Earth, the season of Winter, and the North. Disks represent our material or physical world. When a Disk appears it may indicate health, finance, or any relation to material objects or necessities. As for the court cards the personalities lean more towards the reserved and practical type.

The Disk Symbol

“Magical weapon representing the magician’s body and material environment. The disk represents the Nephesh (animal soul) part of the soul and the Qabalistic world of Assiah (material world).” 6

Suit of Disks Card Meaning Summaries

Ace of Disks — Aether of Earth

The initiate of material matters, opportunity, and gain. As a seedling, we do not know what powers may come to be but we know it lies within the world of Assiah, the material realm of our existence.

Two of Disks — Jupiter + Capricorn — “Change”

The wheels of a clock turn one another, movement and engagement. With movement things must change to keep momentum. Increased responsibilities or tasks. Management is necessary to retain momentum, balance, and progression.

Three of Disks — Mars + Capricorn — “Work”

Energy fueled inertia, a dynamic providing progression in works. A strong and reliable force for production. Creation and creativity.

Four of Disks — Sol + Capricorn — “Power”

Security and trust within riches, wise investments. Using acquired resources to gain or use authority.

Five of Disks — Mercury + Taurus — “Worry”

Material impediment restricts the spirit from thriving. An effort to gain was returned with the result of loss.

Six of Disks — Moon + Taurus — “Success”

Balance in finance and endeavors. Achievement and exchange. An effort to gain was returned with the result gain.

Seven of Disks — Saturn + Taurus — “Failure”

Standstill or restricted progress. Failed investments or procedures. Things don’t work out or end up causing problems.

Eight of Disks — Sol + Virgo — “Prudence”

Regaining focused efforts. Production, craft, and skill. Attentive to work and reassessment thereof. Skill and prowess in action.

Nine of Disks — Venus + Virgo — “Gain”

Compensation. Replenishment for expenses and efforts. Investments returned in favor.

Ten of Disks — Mercury + Virgo — “Wealth”

Completion of works. Material wholeness. Mastery. Significant increase or luck.

Princess of Disks — Innocent + Sensing/Feeling + Introverted/Perceiving

Kind-hearted and patient. Restores life where life-force has run dry. The honest persona of the suit of Earth as derived from the Ace.

Prince of Disks — Youthful + Sensing/Feeling + Extroverted/Perceiving

Forward thinking and ardent. Dependable, respectable. Similar to the personality of Taurus.

Queen of Disks — Mature + Sensing/Feeling + Introverted/Judging

Reserved but here in the now. Knowledgable but not showy. Similar to the personality of Capricorn.

Knight of Disks — Shrewd + Sensing/Feeling + Extroverted/Judging

Tranquil but prepared to fight at any moment. Enduring and focused. Similar to the personality of Virgo.