The Suit of Cups

Written by Jacob. Published on February 10th, 2014 at 20:01.

Suit of Cups Thoth Tarot

The suit of Cups is associated with the element of Water, the season of Autumn, and the West. Cups represent our emotions and relations with others. When a Cup appears it will refer to the sentimental, the social, and levels of satisfaction. As for the court cards the personalities are really quite internal—sensitive to their environment yet emotionally elastic.

The Cup Symbol

“Magical weapon representing the magician’s understanding. The cup represents the Neshamah (soul intuition) part of the soul, and the Qabalistic world of Briah (creative world).” 6

Suit of Cups Card Meaning Summaries

Ace of Cups — Aether of Water

The initiate of emotions or relationships. This seedling begins to sprout, but it’s nature we do not know. This conception exists in the world of Briah.

Two of Cups — Venus + Cancer — “Love”

Two lovers intwined, the passion of intimacy between lovers. Connection, attraction, cordial emotion. Infatuation.

Three of Cups — Mercury + Cancer — “Abundance”

Teamwork, celebration, community. Group Mind.

Four of Cups — Moon + Cancer — “Luxury”

Calm and still, possibly bored or stagnant. Gluttony, everything you need but more than necessary.

Five of Cups — Mars + Scorpio — “Disappointment”

Cups of joy turned upside-down. Disappointment and grief. The spirit weighted by material matters.

Six of Cups — Sun + Scorpio — “Pleasure”

Harmony in relationships. Memories. Enjoyment and satisfaction. Success in friendship, partnership, romance, or family.

Seven of Cups — Venus + Scorpio — “Debauch”

Poison and corruption. Imitation of success. Deceit, confusion, or  misguided energy.

Eight of Disks — Saturn + Scorpio — “Indolence”

Emotional emptiness. Sloth and laziness. Abandonment or decline in amusement. Temporary misery.

Nine of Cups — Jupiter + Pisces — “Happiness”

Fulfillment. Thirst quenched, wishes granted. Joy and engagement. Success in endeavors. Spiritual/emotional payoff.

Ten of Cups — Mars + Pisces — “Satiety”

Overflow of success. Lasting happiness and completion of endeavors. Happiness manifested.

Princess of Cups — Innocent + Intuitive/Feeling + Introverted/Perceiving

Kind, sensitive, and endearing. The honest persona of the suit of Cups as derived from the ace.

Prince of Cups — Youthful + Intuitive/Feeling + Extroverted/Perceiving

Volatile and cunning. Sensitivity makes the prince more susceptible to depression and deep emotion. Similar to the personality of Scorpio.

Queen of Cups — Mature + Intuitive/Feeling + Introverted/Judging

Reserved (maybe even distant) caught in reflection and introspection. She looks for answers deep within often cutting herself off from others. Others will find themselves within her. Similar to the personality of Cancer.

Knight of Cups — Shrewd + Intuitive/Feeling + Extroverted/Judging

Personable and powerful. Capable of loving others like family. A networker and wave-maker. Similar to the personality of Pisces.