The Sevens

Written by Jacob. Published on November 4th, 2011 at 04:22.

The Sevens Rider Waite Tarot

Sevens — Power

Reservation / Choice / Insurgence / Theft
Descendants of The Chariot, the sevens deal with control, authority, and power.

Overview of the Sevens

Are you in control? Self-control, control of a situation, control of others, or the undermining of your authority, the sevens tell you what is and what is not under your power.

“The fives were about instability and loss, losing momentum, losing love, losing an argument, and losing money. The Sixes restored harmony with their give and take. Now comes the Sevens. Seven is a magic number, a number of creativity and individuality. You might want to stay in the comfort and company of the Sixes, but challenges are a part of life, and we often have to face them on our own. As with the Chariot, the Sevens require that you take control in a tough situation, manage your responsibilities, and find a way to succeed. One constant is the paradox of the chariot, a card that should be about movement, but is pictured at rest. Likewise, the driver of a chariot never moves. He holds fast to the reins and stands still there in the car. It goes from one point to the other at his command, but he, carried along within, remains steadfast. In the Sevens, that is the most common way to succeed. Remain steadfast within. Thus these cards offer you a chance to show not only what you’ve learned and retrained from your trails, but how well you deal with the unexpected.” 3

Comparing and Contrasting the Sevens

The Seven of Pentacles is about self-control, can you wait it out? You must wait for the right moment to come to you. The Seven of Cups is sort of about self-control, but it is more about what the situation has given you to work with and making the right decisions with those options—controlling yourself to look beyond appearances. The Seven of Wands focuses on those who are trying to uproot your power, they want what you have. Can you manage this? The Seven of Swords is about lack of control: those who uproot your authority (whether in secret or in tactics).