The Queens

Written by Jacob. Published on November 16th, 2011 at 02:41.

The Queens Rider Waite Tarot

Queens — Maturity

Craftsmanship / Socialite / Culture / Apprenticeship

Overview of the Queens

The Queens are seated on their thrones. Experienced, learned, and facilitative, the Queens will get things done. The Queens are almost like four shards of The Empress’ personality.

As the Knights grow into full fledged adults, they gain a sense of responsibility and maturity. Everyone has a Queen in them (just as everyone has a King, Knight, or Page within them), it is the caring and extensive portion of our character. The Queens are affiliated with water which means they all have an underlying connection with relationships.

“The element of Queens is water and, not surprisingly, they are a reflection of the Empress. In this they signify the creative force. That which nurtures, slakes thirst and helps things to grow. When Queens appear they signal a time of growth and development, a time when the querent is making things real.” 3

Comparing and Contrasting the Queens

The Queen of Pentacles has become very knowledgeable of the work world and knows how to earn some money. This Queen knows what’s good for body and soul and will encourage a busy and responsible life. The Queen of Cups has gained a great sense of intuition: she knows what’s the matter before you do. This Queen is associated with water (as a Queen) and water (as a suit of cups) which means she’s the “mom’s mom”. She cares dearly about what you’re going through and how your emotions fair. The Queen of Wands is a strong contrast to the Cups in that she may be more self-centered. The Queen of Wands is full of energy and is determined, but although she likes attention it doesn’t necessarily mean she is selfish. She can warm anyone’s heart with her radiance. The Queen of Swords pulls away from the group a little bit, as she is very analytical. Her perspective may be reduced to black and white, but it allows her to be decisive and come to conclusions much more easily than the other Queens. She makes a great educator.