The Priestess

Written by Jacob. Published on December 4th, 2014 at 19:30.

The Priestess Thoth Tarot

The Priestess Imagery

A camel appears at the foot of the Priestess, representative of the Hebrew letter “Gimmel” meaning camel. Seeds and crystals represent the mystery behind the creation of life.

The Priestess Associations

  • Tree of Life Path: #13—Kether to Tiphareth
  • Planetary Trump: The Moon
  • Hebrew Letter: Gimmel (“Camel”)

Path #11: Kether to Tiphareth

On the tree of life, path #13 connects Kether (God the Father) to Tiphareth (God the Son), while crossing the mysterious abyss containing the false Sephirah known as Daath. This path exists along the pillar of equilibrium, between the pillars of Mercy and Severity—indicating balance. During the transposition of Kether through the abyss where The Priestess resides, there is some kind of occurrence which transforms Kether into Tipareth. This is the same kind of power (in crossing with The Empress) that yields transformative capabilities and in that of generating offspring.

The Priestess Interpretations

The Priestess exists between realms. She is a keeper of the highest secrets and is the gatekeeper of mystery. Though she is associated with the Moon, she is not all in darkness as indicated by path #13. Some cards contain a closed book or scroll representing hidden knowledge. The veil (hanging sheet, sometimes with Pomegranates) behind the Priestess can represent this mystery, but also the separation between living and unborn, or reality and dream. Behind the veil could lie human souls before they mount physical bodies, it could be the astral plane, and it could be Kether beyond the abyss.

As humans, one of the tools we possess is our intuition. Intuition is absorbing information in unreasoned and unexplained ways. Gut feelings, sudden inspiration, and automatic behavior are experiences that can be associated with The Priestess. When The Priestess appears, there is a need to look into the subconscious. If an active force, it is likely unconsciousness or veiled powers which are at play.

Compared with the Magus, The Priestess is his counterpart. She is the unconscious to his consciousness, and provides an anterior perspective of the world.

Additional Interpretations

“Pure, exalted and gracious influence enters the matter. Hence, change, alternation, increase and decrease, fluctuation. There is, however, a liability to be led away by enthusiasm; one may become ‘moon-struck’ unless careful balance in maintained.” 6

“Pure, exalted and gracious influence enters the matter, hence change, alternation, increase and decrease, fluctuation. May be led away by enthusiasm unless careful balance maintained.” 5

“She is Isis, the eternal virgin, and again she is Artemis. It is for this reason she is clothed in the luminous veil of light, light being viewed not as the manifestation, but as the veil, of the spirit.” 5

“The Moon. Gimel. She is a spiritual Isis and a virgin Artemis. With her veil of light, she is weaving the crystals and fruits of the Earth. She carries the huntress’ bow and the musical sistrum.” 5

Axank’s Dream Recall

July 06-10, 2014
Was in some sort of haunted mansion where ghosts would kill. I had a room I shared—ghost would hang out by the door and ask questions to lure us. During one of their mind games, it got in the room and killed my boyfriend. I went across the hall to where a lot of the other soldiers were (a couple had been taken in the night). A few guys were sleeping on floor mats, one of which I got close to and started talking to. When everyone was awake we realized one of our friends were taken and killed in the night. Along some docks, near a warehouse on the bay I instructed the soldiers in an exercise routine since the commanding officer was clueless.

A bunch of tweens outside a sandwich shop were dressed up as a sorry excuse for club kids, total posers, I was really annoyed that they were trying to get attention that way (but more so by doing it the way they were).

My friend “Al” had an abusive family so we wanted him to come stay with us. My other friend’s fake mom (step-mom), was driving us in her car. She was really freaking me out, a total mess muttering to herself. Later we find out that she committed drunken suicide—I was playing video games at the time. My friend had tears in his eyes and for some reason I was having trouble putting my game down so I could comfort him. “Air is thick / heavy ”