The Pages

Written by Jacob. Published on November 12th, 2011 at 04:11.

The Pages Rider Waite Tarot

Page — Messages

Vitality / Companionship / Desire / Thought

Overview of the Pages

The Pages are all on foot. In ancient times, messengers would run from place to place to deliver messages (notice each Page is standing). The Pages can be seen as childish or child-like egos. Childish is the person who is naive or arrogant, almost as if they were not raised to carry on sophisticated matters. The child-like person is one who is submissive and meek. The most important principle to take away from the pages are the fact that they are characters of inexperience—they don’t know anything or very little about their respective subjects, just like The Fool.

“The first court cards are the Pages (also known as Princesses). It is always best to imagine them as young, and with a letter or scroll in hand. The element of the pages is ‘Earth’ indicating something young, growing, a seed planted. So the Page of Wands would be ‘Earth of Fire’ – the seed of fire, so to speak. Pages most often stand for children, though they can also be said to be the ‘Fool’s’ alter ego, meaning that they are very new to their ‘element,’ a student or apprentice.

Thus, when no children seem to be involved (the person you’re reading for is childless, has no friends with kids, etc.), then the Pages can indicate that the querent is about to receive a message, or that the querent’s (or someone in the querent’s life) is at a new stage. They feel new and excited about it, but also are likely to make mistakes. They are immature.” 3

Comparing and Contrasting the Pages

The Page of Pentacles is one who is task oriented. This person may be a bit closed off to others—they keep to themselves. They’re dedicated to their projects/work and are responsible with their money and belongings. The Page of Swords are similar, in that they are introverted in character (there’s a lot more going on, on the inside as compared to what they share on the outside). The Page of Swords, however, has no problem in expressing their own thoughts and ideas. Their mind might be closed away, but because they have a mouth it all comes pouring out. The Page of Cups and Page of Wands are similar because they both are very expressive. The Cups tend to wear their heart on their sleeve where the Wands are more about showing off. The Wands need to be number one, and the Cups just want to make sure everyone around them is doing okay.