The Nines

Written by Jacob. Published on November 8th, 2011 at 05:41.

The Nines Rider Waite Tarot

Nines — Complete

Harvest / Fulfillment / Leadership / Anxiety
Descendants of The Hermit, the nines are cards of seeking what is desired, and obtaining it. The peak of the suits’ energy.

Overview of the Nines

The nines are like this great build up of energy. In a sense they are like the aces—so much potential and opportunity—but in this case, all of the resources and power are available to you, your future is at your fingertips. The nines are probably the most powerful cards, which means they can also be the most devastating.

“Nine is a number of completion (so is Ten, but we’ll get to that). It is the number when everything that’s been learned or accomplished is integrated, and we can see it all as one, as the truth. Like the Hermit, who connects to the nines, these are cards where we return to ourselves, as only we, ourselves, have more to teach us. We look at what we’ve done, earned, gained, and we think about what more we might do to make our lives (or the suit) complete. We shine a light on all we’ve accomplished to discover what might still be missing. Nines are among the most powerful cards, usually granting the querent what it is they, like the Hermit, are seeking.” 3

Comparing and Contrasting the Nines

The Nine of Cups say “It’s time for celebration!” and the Nine of Wands couldn’t agree more: they say you’ve worked your ass off and what you’ve produced is evident of your work just as the Nine of Pentacles see it—the Pentacles say what you hold in your hands is proof of the efforts that the Wands are so proud of (what you’ve manifested is proof of the drive and desire you possessed to create it). As expected, the Nine of Swords intrude with the “but this could have been better” statements. The Swords look back on all the hard work and nit-pick at everything that could have been, and does not merit what actually was. As troubling as it may sound, there is good criticism in what the Swords have to say, so do not ignore the Nine of Swords (or any of the Swords for that matter).