The Moon

Written by Jacob. Published on August 24th, 2016 at 04:00.

The Moon Thoth Tarot

The Moon Imagery

A path runs between two towers each guarded by twin figures of Anubus. The scarab beetle is symbolic of Kephra.

The Moon Associations

  • Tree of Life Path: #29—Netzach and Malkuth
  • Zodiacal Trump: Pisces
  • Hebrew Letter: Qoph (“Back of head”)

Path #29: Netzach to Malkuth

The Sephirah of Venus connects to the Sephirah of The Earth. This is the irrational heart connecting to the material and finite.

The Moon Interpretations

“The light from the dark”—our nightmares and fears illuminated under the mystery of the moon. This card indicates the hidden and emotional persona, especially one that has been suppressed by the individual come to surface. The result is irrationality, fear, mistake, and submission to ill-will and self-destruction.

The moon calls forth our instinctive animalistic nature—not in survivalist sense, but in regards to a submission of a primitive desires. When we are surrounded by The Moon we are in a state of delusion and become disconnected from reality. This can be a dangerous state of mind; however, to some extent it can be a creative catalyst opening up certain psychological paths. Sometimes The Moon indicates a time to purge darkness within so that a person can let it all out.

In advice to those bearing the trials of The Moon know that just as the phases of the Moon change, so will the querent’s situation. Stick to the safest path you can until it passes.

Additional Interpretations

“Illusion deception, bewilderment, hysteria, even madness, dreaminess, falsehood, error, crisis, ‘the darkest hour before the dawn,’ the brink of important change.” 6

“Illusion. Deception. Bewilderment. Hysteria. Madness. Dreaminess. Falsehood. Voluntary change. The brink of an important change. this card is very sensitive to dignity.” 5

“This card represents the state of impure horror, hidden darkness which must be passed through before light can be reborn. The Moon is, therefore, the most universal of the planets, partaking at once of the highest and the lowest. At the bottom of the card moves the Sacred beetle, bearing the Sun through the darkness of night. Above is the evil landscape of the Moon. A stream, or path of Serum, tinged with blood, flows between two barren mountains. on the hills are dark sinister towers. On the threshold stands the jackal-headed god, Anubis, in double form; at his feet are the jackals waiting to devour those who have fallen by the way.” 5

“This is the most sinister card. Through sorcery and witchcraft it is possible to get an understanding of the universe, but the path is dangerous. On each side of the picture are dark fortresses, the Anubis the gods of death are ready to seize the soul of the aspirant and jackals wait to devour those who have fallen by the way. The Sun is held by the Scarabeus Sacer under the water. The design on the card is planned on the movement of the tide whose ebb and flow is governed by the Moon.” 5