The Major Arcana

Written by Jacob. Published on October 6th, 2016 at 01:30.

The Major Arcana Thoth Tarot

The major arcana (”big secrets”) are the significant keys within the Tarot. Each card has a highly-concentrated association with an astrological and/or alchemical force such as a planet, sign, or element. This makes their meaning easily identifiable and memorable in comparison to the minor arcana.

Crowley’s deck is of the ones who associate the THE FOOL, THE HANGED MAN, and THE AEON with the primitive elements of Air, Water, and Fire respectively. ADJUSTMENT and LUST appear as cards 8 and 11 respectively (a format that original Tarot decks installed, unlike the popular Rider-Waite format).

Just as the fool makes their journey through the 21 cards, I also try to take moments to acknowledge where I may be in mine. A continuous cycle—you may always find yourself under the influence of one or more of these powers at any given time.