The Magus

Written by Jacob. Published on December 2nd, 2014 at 19:30.

The Magus Thoth Tarot

The Magus Imagery

The Magus appears with winged shoes (indicative of Mercury). The four suits surround him: a disk, a wand, a chalice, and a blade. A monkey appears grabbing at the magus as if to detour the clarity of mind.

The Magus Associations

  • Tree of Life Path: #12—Kether to Binah
  • Planetary Trump: Mercury
  • Hebrew Letter: Beth (“House”)

Path #12: Kether to Binah

I have given Kether my own personal keyword of “Pure Being”. My personal keyword for Binah is “Form”. By traveling from a state of pure being, pooled with the collective aether of the universe, to a condition of form is astounding.

I think therefore I am. Consciousness denotes existence which intern gives it form. This is not a physical form and we of course can not initiate the concept of human-thought this early upon the tree. Instead it’s the vehicle of path #11. With aether abound and ready to go, it will need a form on which it can travel. This form is the cognition which the Magus could assimilate.

The Magus Interpretations

Our thoughts. Where do they come from? Within the mind? But from there in, where do they originate from? Do they have a conception? It’s as if our thoughts appear out of thin air. This is why we refer to this card as the Magus: Our existence appears from nothing, out of thin air, as if by magic. Will power and thought expel into reality perpetuating actions, which perpetuate habits and conditions, which cause events to occur and the landscape shifts in turn. From the one, all forms and things are possible, but only with the wave of the Magus’ wand.

I often attribute the saying “I think, therefore I am” to this card. The number 1, in my eyes, is attributed to the one mind, one heart, one soul. From the soul all is possible: thought, action, and manifestation there from. The Magus is associated with Mercury, the messenger God, and therefore matters of the communication, speech, or writing. Speaking is the primary way we interact with the world, pressing our will against the universe and others, to evoke our intentions so they can take place in the mutual reality we share with others.

Personality traits and actions of this card deal with wisdom, quick-wittedness, and the ability to communicate.

Additional Interpretations

“Skill, wisdom, adroitness, elasticity, craft, cunning, deceit, theft. Sometimes occult wisdom or power, sometimes a quick impulse, ‘a brain-wave.’ It may imply messages, business transactions, the interference of learning or intelligence with the matter in hand.” 6

“Skill. Wisdom. Adroitness. Elasticity. Craft. Cunning. Deceit. Theft. Sometimes occult wisdom or power. Messages. Business transactions. Ill-dignified: Learning or intelligence interfering with the matter in hand.” 5

“I. The Magician or Juggler. Mercury, who is Wisdom. Will and Word, by whom the world is created, symbolises the fluidic basis of all transmission of activity. Behind him and through him is the Ape, Hunuman, which is a Hindu conception. The Egyptian counterpart, Thoth, is also always followed by the Cynocephalus Ape.” 5

“I. The Magician or Juggler. Mercury. Beth. He is Mercury, the messenger of God, and juggles with the four symbols of the elements, and the papyrus or Word, the pen or Will, the wand or Wisdom. He represents the creative force in action. As Thoth in Egyptian tradition, his attendant and shadow is the Cynocephalus Ape.” 5

Axank’s Dream Recall

June 23-30, 2014
I was at a new school/college with weird ass teachers and was confused about the schedule. Education is relative to Mercury and The Magu’s wit.

Late at night (tresspassing) My friends and I went to a foresty place. There was a well which was very wide and shallow. Jumping down the well there was a tiny entrance at the bottom you could squeeze through. There was a little fence at the end of the hallway and the ceiling was really low. Out the other end there was a wide open foresty area. This place was essentially secret – I was afraid a stranger would attack.

There was a pile of trash in this open space (night time). It was stories high and up against an “invisible wall” enclosed place. I was climbing/scaling this pile and as I got to the cage/wire the wall I was crawling over there were these girls/naked/figure drawing models who had lack/soot on them. Suddenly they were drawing me – giving me posing commands.

arcade games with my dad, mom and neutral friend. Went from game to game a part of the series. …(scribbles)… couldn’t find it — we went in the back room looking where my dad spoke a little vietnamese with them. After leaving the room and going to the sales floor MCR “I gave you my bullets” was playing. I started singing and started mashing. They tried to stop all of us but I was too swift. An old lady came in with a nerf gun and started shooting us.

My brother had a mall cop job… visited him during closing hours and he was given tasks of locking doors to the building, I remember being on the roof as he was locking the outside door to the roof access.