The Knights

Written by Jacob. Published on November 14th, 2011 at 03:31.

The Knights Rider Waite Tarot

Knights — Action

Logistics / Communication / Religion / Philosophy

Overview of the Knights

The Knights are all mounted on horses. Horses are used to travel. Travel means progress. The Knights mean either literal travel from place to place, or represent traveling your life-path. The Knights represent youth, young adults, or being in your prime. They are strong, smart, and sometimes unruly.

“Knights or princes are the spirit of the teenager, all about changes, movement, action. Knights are never still; as the pages/princesses suggest messages, the knights suggest travel and spreading what they know. They are also, as Knights, about engaging in battle. Elementally, they are Air moving and flowing. As a person, they’re likely to stand for a young adult or someone who acts very like a teen. Their beliefs are purer than of an adult, less cynical, more fierce. And like their element, they are prone to argue and fight for what they believe. In this they are most knight like: powerfully, almost unquestioning loyal to a kingdom or cause.” 3

Comparing and Contrasting the Pages

Look at the horse’s legs. The Knight of pentacles is standing still, the Knight of Cups has a leg raised, the Knight of Wands is prancing, and the Knight of Swords is in a full gallop. These indicate rate at which time flows, as well as the stability they offer. You can think of these Knights as older versions of the Pages—as they’ve grown up. They have become more adventurous as well as demanding more from the world around them.