The Hanged Man

Written by Jacob. Published on April 30th, 2015 at 18:00.

The Hanged Man Thoth Tarot

The Hanged Man Imagery

The ‘dying God’ is submerged and drowning. His right leg crosses the left, and arms span out to create an equilateral triangle. The Ankh holds him in position.

The Hanged Man Associations

  • Tree of Life Path: #23—Geburah to Yod
  • Elemental Trump: Primal element of Water
  • Modern Astrological: Neptune
  • Hebrew Letter: Mem (“Symbol”)

Path #23: Geburah to Yod

From the energetic to the rational, the hanged man strides down lower pillar of severity. An effective mirror to Jupiter on the opposite pillar, and motive of water element from Cancer in the upper half of the pillar.

The Hanged Man Interpretations

The Hanged Man is a martyr, suffering for enlightenment. In his inverted position he sees the world from an unfamiliar perspective. This viewpoint combined with sacrifice allows him to gain insight. The Hanged Man exists at this time between worlds: the literal and metaphorical, the material and metaphysical.

The Hanged Man is suspended, and unable to act. When this card appears do nothing, say nothing. Give something up, make a sacrifice (which could be the sacrifice of time or effort). Detach and gain insight by changing your perspective. Look with new eyes, refrain from judgement.

Additional Interpretations

“Enforced sacrifice, punishment, loss, fatal or voluntary, suffering, defeat, failure, death.” 6

“Redemption through sacrifice. Enforced sacrifice. Suffering. Ill-dignified: Punishment. Loss. Defeat. Failure. Death.” 5

“The posture of the drowned or hanged man is of the greatest significance. The legs are crossed so that the right leg forms a right angle with the left leg, and the arms are stretched out at an angle of sixty degrees, so as to form an equilateral triangle. This gives the symbol of the triangle surmounted by a cross, which represents the descent of the light into darkness in order to redeem it. The whole idea of sacrifice is a misconception of nature, and the element of water to which the card is attributed is the element of illusion.” 5

“Water. Mem. This figure is Osiris or Christ and shows redemption through suffering. He is drowned in the waters of affliction, the attitude is traditional and involves a right angle and a triangle. His foot is bound to the Ankh of Immortality by the serpent of life. The complete symbol is a triangle and a cross.” 5

Axank’s Dream Recall

April 28-29, 2015
Some kind of festival… a woman in a long white dress, she may have been a new business partner of mine.