The Fours

Written by Jacob. Published on November 1st, 2011 at 04:00.

The Fours Rider Waite Tarot

Fours — Structure

Security / Stagnation / Merriment / Convalesce
Descendants of The Emperor, these cards are about authority and stability.

Overview of the Fours

The fours are a stopping point. The aces were like a rocket that pushed us up the side of a mountain and we’ve reached a plateau that we now stop and rest on. The fours are about standing up independently, observing the gestation that has taken place and now fills us with abundance and strength.

“Fours are ruled by the Emperor and, like both the Emperor and his throne, they signify stability. The first stage is complete: the invested passion, emotion, brainpower and work gotten past being young and fragile and is now rooted and strong. Established. This can be positive, a solid foundation on which to build more, or negative, something that has come to a halt and doesn’t know how to evolve any further.” 3

Comparing and Contrasting the Fours

The Four of Pentacles and the Four of Swords are similar in the fact that they’re cards of non-action. The Pentacles are not moving for anyone, they’re safe where they are and that’s the way they prefer to stay! The Swords are not moving because this is a card of exhaustion and moving could cause damaging things further. The Four of Wands are in an uproar (of goodness). The wait that was delayed by the threes has returned two-fold if not more, and therefor are celebrating with great intensity. The Cups are in opposite of the wands. The Four of Cups are tired of partying or the current state of their social situation and they want something more stimulating, something more interesting.