The Chariot

Written by Jacob. Published on January 13th, 2015 at 19:30.

The Chariot Thoth Tarot

The Chariot Imagery

A stationary, full-suited knight sits on his chariot. The chariot is drawn by the four kerubic beasts: The Bull, the Lion, the Eagle, and the Man (or Angel). The starry night sky is cast in the canopy of the chariot and includes the inscription ABRAHADABRA.

The Chariot Associations

  • Tree of Life Path: #18—Binah to Geburah
  • Zodiacal Trump: Cancer
  • Hebrew Letter: Cheth (“Fence”)

Path #28: Binah to Geburah

The Chariot pulls the sephirah Binah across the abyss to Geburah, easily the trail-blazer who crosses the abyss.

The Chariot Interpretations

A common description of this card is an armored vehicle moving with haste in one particular direction. Blind to the left and right, it moves forward stopping for nothing. Cancer, the ruling sign of this card, is the crab who also has a hardshell. Cancer is known to recoil into its shell to protect its soft underbelly—a symbol representing the personality that is known to contain their emotions internally. In the same manner, the Chariot acts as a protected vehicle to protect the charioteer (this is often symbolized by the armor/clothing they wear).

When this card appears I interpret it as a symbol for victory, likely achieved by progressing at an unwavering speed. Dominion over wild forces (represented by the sphinxes or horses) propels the chariot forward allowing this progress to happen. If the beasts are rebellious or do not fall in line there will be conflict and disorientation.

On another note this card can be about retracting yourself into a shell, to come out for no one until conflict is resolved internally. Sometimes you need to crawl into a hole and cry and not come back out into the public until the tears have been wiped away. This might seem like a cheap thing to do but if it’s a matter of taking care of yourself it becomes a necessary process.

The presence of spiders and dogs kind of make me feel a certain way about wild forces that I have an advantage over. Each situation had some form of resentment that I had a solution to based on my own efforts.

Additional Interpretations

“Triumph, victory, hope, memory, digestion, violence in maintaining traditional ideas, the “die-hard,” ruthlessness, lust of destruction, obedience, faithfulness, authority under authority.” 6

“Triumph. Victory. Hope. Obedience. Faithfulness. Health. Success, though sometimes not enduring. Authority under authority. Ill-dignified: Violence in maintaining traditional ideas. Lust of destruction.” 5

“The four Sphinxes on this card, drawing the chariot, are the Bull, the Lion, the Eagle, and the Man, the whole representing the sixteen sub-elements. The function of the Charioteer is to bear the Holy Grail, in the centre of which is radiant blood, symbolising the presence of Light in Darkness.” 5

“Cancer. Cheth. Held by the charioteer is the Cup of Indian, Egyptian and Arthurian tradition and it contains the blood of voluntary sacrifice. The charioteer (spirit) is seated in the chariot of the body and is drawn by sphinxes, who represent the sixteen sub-elements of the emotions.” 5

Axank’s Dream Recall

January 06-07, 2015
In my scout master’s garage, I found a good-sized brown spider. As we were trying to talk about some old furniture I kept finding more and more spiders. They were suddenly all over my feet and I tried to shake them off and ignore them but it became overwhelming and I had to leave the room; My cousin-in-law was hanging around my brothers and I, and was being somewhat flirty. I could tell he was trying to get some kind of physical exchange with one of us; I participated in a bake-off before work started. When it came time to bake my cake, the oven was inside of a minature trailer. I could only fit one arm and my head inside, but there were two women in there with a Chihuahua. I asked about the oven but it was in use, they said they’d put my cake in later. I handed them the batter, and she put it on the floor. I got upset because I thought the dog would lick it, so they put the bowl in one of the many drawers in the wall, I was late for work… which apparently was class and there was a bunch of trash on the ground. I noticed I was the oldest kid in the class and felt mature and serious. I began cleaning up the trash.