The Aces

Written by Jacob. Published on October 27th, 2011 at 03:20.

The Aces Rider Waite Tarot

Aces — New Beginnings

Potential / Initiation / Beginning / Commencement
Descendants of The Magician, the aces communicate the start of something raw and undeveloped.

Overview of the Aces

The aces are full of potential: what might be, what can be. Just because this card shows up doesn’t necessarily mean that something is from scratch. There’s always a point where things recycle, new perspectives must be taken, beginnings take form in multiple ways such as the continuation of something current but in a new direction.

“Aces are the root force, the spark or seed of the suit. Relate them to the Magician, who presents the tools to the Fool. They have no purpose yet, but are filled with raw potential. They are the active energy of the suit ready to be used. They can also indicate compass direction or season, but which is which is often debated. Here are the most typical directions and seasons. If, however, they don’t feel right to you, the reader, change them to what works. These are the Aces, the raw or initial passion, feelings, thoughts and needs that can be directed into something more. They represent hope, a possibility, an action to take, a future that you can create. Choose wisely what you take up from the Magician’s table for each has its pitfalls as well as pinnacles.” 3

Comparing and Contrasting the Aces

The Ace of Pentacles is about potential and what opportunity lays within the situation, where the Ace of Swords is about victory—smacking down what stands in your way with no real difficulty. The Ace of Cups is about forming a bond or relationship, and the Ace of Wands is about a passion that begins to burn with no boundaries in sight. Pentacles are like this vast amount of fuel to use on your journey, Swords are like the strategies to get you through the journey, Wands are about how much fuel you burn to get to the places you’re aiming for. Cups are about observing what’s around you and making note, “ah, a resource, a place from which I can draw strength. I’ll keep that in mind for future reference”. With that mental note, you attach yourself to that resource, sometimes people don’t even notice what they’ve done—it will only prove itself down the road.