The 9 Card “X” Spread

Written by Jacob. Published on November 24th, 2011 at 02:56.

9 card X Tarot spread

Use this spread to identify the analytical and intuitive paths the Querent can take in an indecisive situation.

Card 1—The Querent; Root and driving motion.
Card 2—What the Querent already knows.
Card 3—The unknown which the Querent must be aware of.
aggregate meaning
Card 4, 5, 6—Choice 1; The logical, analytical path; Where the mind wants to go; How to get somewhere from where you are now.
aggregate meaning
Card 7, 8, 9—Choice 2; The emotional, intuitive path; Where the heart desires to be; Why you wish to go to this new place.

aggregate meaning: what the cards mean collectively, they work together to build a one central idea that is a blend of the archetypes. They can either be variables in one system, or a mixture into one whole meaning.