The 9 Card “Poor Man’s Therapist” Spread

Written by Jacob. Published on December 8th, 2011 at 00:45.

9 card Poor Man's Therapist Tarot spread

Use this spread when you cannot put your feelings into words to form a question. Grasp the whole deck with your hands and reflect deeply on what muddled, hazy emotions have you upset or concerned. Evoke them and make them known. Useful when you don’t know what spread to use or don’t have the right question to ask.

Card 1—The feelings or emotions running through you. Can also be undefined/abstract thoughts.
Card 2—Origin. What got you into this current state.
Card 3—Reason. Why it is bothering you.
Card 4—The “problem”, not to be confused with origin.
Card 5—Possible negative outcome.
Card 6—Possible positive outcome.
Card 7—Suggested action(s) you should consider.
Card 8—Suggested action(s) you should avoid doing.
Card 9—Overall meaning or final outcome.

Be careful with card 4. If you interpret this from the wrong perspective it may catch you by surprise. For example, if you use this spread to find the source of your rage, and card 4 is an individual—do not confuse them as the problem itself, there is always more to the situation. Be cautious, smart, and responsible.