The 9 Card “Planetary” Spread

Written by Jacob. Published on January 24th, 2012 at 02:07.

9 card Planetary Tarot spread

Use this spread to perform an astrological-based reading. Gives an over-all perspective.

Card 1—The Sun. Where the Querent is placing their focus and conscious actions.
Card 2—The Moon. Emotional and subconscious activity—often unacknowledged.
Card 3—Mercury. How the Querent is communicating.
Card 4—Venus. The Querent’s love life and social pursuits.
Card 5—Mars. Active energy; What causes aggressive behavior in the Querent.
Card 6—Jupiter. Developments and dreams the Querent is aspiring to.
Card 7—Saturn. Restrictions, limits and endings of the Querent.
Card 8—Action to take in relation to the 7 planetary cards.
Card 9—Focus to direct in the next section of your path.

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