The 9 Card “Human Body” Spread

Written by Jacob. Published on October 10th, 2011 at 22:43.

9 card Human Body Tarot spread

Use this spread to assess current conflicts associated with parts of the human body.

human body Tarot spread diagramCard 1—Forehead. Thoughts, intent.
Card 2—Mouth. Communication, speech.
Card 3—Heart. Emotionality, reactions.
Card 4—Gut. Will-power, gut-feelings.
Card 5—Groin. Desire, thirst, yearning.
Card 6—Left Hand. What we retain for ourselves.
Card 7—Right Hand. What we give to others.
Card 8—Right Foot. To where we are headed, in the future.
Card 9—Left Foot. From where we were led, in the past.
You’ve probably noticed, this spread is easily seen as an extension or alteration of the 7 Card Chakra Spread. I would use this one to evaluate the body, and the Chakra spread when you’re specifically working with healing/clearing/channeling Chi energy. This spread is derived from the basic anatomy of the human body.

Credit to Tarot is My Religion