The 8 Card “New Relationship Spiral” Spread

Written by Jacob. Published on December 10th, 2011 at 00:30.

8 card New Relationship spread

Use this spread at the anticipation of a blossoming relationship. If you were to start a business/school project with some one you don’t really know well, this would help you  get things off on the right foot with this person. It could also be used for initial romances.

Card 1—how you see him/her.
Card 2—how you see a relationship with him/her.
Card 3—how he/she sees you.
Card 4—how he/she sees a relationship with you.
Card 5—areas of compatibility and positives of the relationship.
Card 6—obstacles or problems you may have to overcome.
Card 7—the most likely future of this relationship.
Card 8—what could be done to get this relationship off to a good start.