The 7 Card “Chakra” Spread

Written by Jacob. Published on October 2nd, 2011 at 01:26.

7 card Chakra Tarot spread

Use this spread to determine a specified state of the Querent’s Chakras.

Card 1—Root “Muladhara”. Basic human needs, purpose, destiny.
Card 2—Sacral “Swadhisthana”. Role with others, sexuality, harmony.
Card 3—Solar Plexus “Manipura”. Energy, inner-strength, creative nature.
Card 4—Heart “Anahata”. Emotion, well-being, balance.
Card 5—Throat “Vishuddha”. Communication, expression.
Card 6—Third Eye “Ajna”. Perception, intuition, insight.
Card 7—Crown “Sahasrara”. Pure spiritual and cosmic energy.