Small Cross Tarot Spread

Written by Jacob. Published on October 7th, 2017 at 11:31.

78 Nights of Tarot Small Cross Tarot Spread

Gain a deeper understanding of a situation through its chronology. Includes an emphasis on causation and advice to move forward with.

Preparations and Procedure

  1. Use all cards. Shuffle and assemble the deck normally.
  2. Determine the length of time for cards 1 and 3. Half a year’s time is reasonable, but it can be any desired interval.
    Suggested intervals include moons (~28 days), suns (~12 months), and seasons (~3 months).

Card Positions

  1. Past. Events or conditions which have happened previously in the querent’s life.
  2. Present.  Events or conditions which are currently present in the querent’s life.
  3. Future. Events or conditions which will soon become active in the querent’s life.
  4. Root. The underbelly of the situation. Often is tied to the root cause of the present situation. Reveals hidden underworking elements such as strong emotions, fears, and desires.
  5. Cross. Events or conditions which modify the present situation. Typically represents an obstacle or means of progression.
  6. Advice. Suggestions of how to respond to the situation while preparing for the near future. When the situation is ideal, it provides a focal point to fixate on to preserve the best outcome.

Position Relationships

  • Heart of the Matter: (2) Present + (5) Cross. Are the cards opposed, or similar? Card 2 represents the energy that wants to flow freely (when upright). Card 3 represents a restriction or modification of Card 2.
  • Timeline: (1) Past + (Heart of the Mater) + (3) Future. What conditions in the present are a result of the past? How is the future a reflection of the past? Will the past repeat itself given the conditions in the present, or do the conditions of the present allow your path to change? Think about cause and effect in this arrangement.
  • Cross DispositionWhen the top of Card 5 is facing right, towards the future, it indicates an onward motion of progress. When the top of Card 5 is facing left, towards the past, it indicates that there are regrets and digressive tendencies in the current moment.
  • Trial of the Heart: (4) Root + (5) Cross + (6) Advice. Compare cards 4 and 6 to understand the rift between aspirations and enablers. The cross divides these further, or can unite them, depending on the cards which come up.

Unifying Interpretations

Cards 1–3 provide a timeline of events, where cards 2 and 5 combine to describe the current situation. Card 5 will help explain the development from the past to the present situation, and how that will support or hinder the near future. Card 6 will give some hints on how to move forward or what to strive for.

Comments and Anecdotes

I use this spread frequently to understand the landscape of most any situation. This is actually a condensed version of the Celtic Cross spread, the advantage to this one is having a more manageable set of cards to interpret. The Celtic Cross spread may be more effective in providing details about the situation.