The 15 Card “X” Spread

Written by Jacob. Published on January 17th, 2012 at 02:05.

15 card X Tarot spread

Use this spread to consider your current plans versus an alternative. Discover what is out of your reach so you can put the energy and focus towards more effective things.

aggregate meaning: The Present.
Card 1—The Querent.
Card 2—The situation.
Card 3—The conflict.
aggregate meaning: The Past.
Card 4—Past. The Querent.
Card 5—Past. The situation.
Card 6—Past. The conflict.
aggregate meaning: Factors outside the Querent’s control.
Card 7—The Querent’s nature or feelings.
Card 8—The situation.
Card 9—The conflict.
aggregate meaning: Future, if the Querent remains on their path.
Card 10—Future. The probable Querent.
Card 11—Future. The probable situation.
Card 12—Future. The probable conflict.
aggregate meaning: Future, an alternative path for the Querent.
Card 13—Future. The alternative Querent.
Card 14—Future. The alternative situation.
Card 15—Future. The alternative conflict.