The 12 Card “Zodiac” Spread

Written by Jacob. Published on September 28th, 2011 at 04:26.

12 card Zodiac Tarot spread

Use this spread to determine where the Querent stands in the universe.

Card 1—Aries. “I am”. Personality/attitudes.
Card 2—Taurus. “I have”. Financial/material matters.
Card 3—Gemini. “I think”. Communication.
Card 4—Cancer. “I feel, I sense” Home/family.
Card 5—Leo. “I will, I create”. Pleasures/leisure.
Card 6—Virgo. “I analyze”. Work/responsibilities.
Card 7—Libra. “I balance”. Close partnership & working relationships.
Card 8—Scorpio. “I desire, I change”. Hidden influences, sexuality & psychic awareness.
Card 9—Sagittarius. “I seek, I see”. Religion/philosophy.
Card 10—Capricorn. “I use, I organize”. Career/ambitions, self-esteem.
Card 11—Aquarius. “I know, I solve”. Social life, hopes and wishes.
Card 12—Pisces. “I perceive”. Subconscious, strengths/weaknesses.

A 13th card may be placed in the middle to set the tone of the overall spread.


A 0th card can be pulled out of the deck intentionally before dealing the other 12 cards so that all of them reflect that chosen aspect of the Querent.