The 12 Card “Tarot Horoscope” Spread

Written by Jacob. Published on February 3rd, 2014 at 00:25.

12 Card Tarot Horoscope Spread

Use this spread to interpret the influences that each House of the Zodiac will have on you over a pre-dated range of time.

Card 1—1st House: Attitude, Ego, The Self
Card 2—2nd House: Environment, Resources, Surroundings
Card 3—3rd House: Communication, Short-Distance
Card 4—4th House: Home Life, Family
Card 5—5th House: Expression, Creativity, Ambition
Card 6—6th House: Work Life, Health
Card 7—7th House: Partnerships, Co-operation
Card 8—8th House: Life Philosophy, Seriousness
Card 9—9th House: The Quest, Life Path, Journey, Long-Distance
Card 10—10th House: Public Eye, Social Status, Prestige
Card 11—11th House: Teamwork, Philanthropy, Hopes & Wishes
Card 12—12th House: Undercurrents, Self Sacrifice, Karma

Each house addresses an aspect of your life in relation to your character. Each card can be analyzed individually, but combining certain cards will allow you to obtain information on additional topics.

Wellness · resources, finance: Cards 2, 6, 10.
Relationships · intimacy, friendships: Cards 3, 7, 11.
Character · spiritedness and will-power: Cards 1, 5, 9.

These few keywords to describe the houses of the Zodiac is not enough—please do additional research on your own. This spread is brought to you by John Ballantrae.