Celtic Cross Spread

Written by Jacob. Published on May 1st, 2014 at 19:00.

10 card Celtic Cross Tarot spread
10 card Celtic Cross Tarot spread annotated

Divine the conditions, variables, and progression of the querent’s condition. Results are most productive when a specific subject or question is proposed, but is not necessary.

Card Positions (Variation 1):
Card 1 — Present condition of the querent.
Card 2 — The querent’s conflict or support.
Card 3 — Subconscious: reality, significances, higher-self. Also root/origin.
Card 4 — Past condition of the querent. Already experienced.
Card 5 — Conscious: expectations, superficiality, ego. Desires/Goals.
Card 6 — Future condition of the querent. Approaching experience.
Card 7 — Internal variables of the querent. How the querent affects their own condition.
Card 8 — External variables of the querent. How others, a group, or environment affects the querent’s condition.
Card 9 — Advice to the querent in their current condition.
Card 10 — Manifestation, projected outcome (long-term future).

Card Positions (Variation 2):
Card 1 — The present: Heart of the matter.
Card 2 — Immediate obstacle.
Card 3 — Distant past.
Card 4 — Recent past.
Card 5 — Best outcome, most profitable.
Card 6 — Immediate future.
Card 7 — How you see yourself. Internal Influence.
Card 8 — How others see you. External influence.
Card 9 — Hopes & fears.
Card 10 — Final outcome overall.

Annotations (Variation 1):

  1. The central dynamic of the situation. Depending on the cards the dynamic is either conflicting/colliding in some manner; or, indicates a mutual agreement that has been met and the variables work in accordance with one another.
  2. Time frame/progression. What things are fading into the past (4), where is the querent in the present (2), and what things are approaching in the future (6)? Allow these cards to blend together to create a path which the querent is walking on.
  3. Consciousness and perception. Card 4 is the origin of the situation, where conditions are born from but is also buried beneath perception. Card 1 is where consciousness is level and card 5 is where perception may have been exaggerated by expectations or desire.
  4. How does the interactions between the outside environment and the querent personally correspond? Is there any cause & effect evident? How does the situation in (a) reflect upon card 7 and 8 individually?
  5. Card 6 suggests the near future of the querent’s progression. Card 10 addresses the future in way of manifestation: The end result, the long haul, and the significant lesson of this situation. Card 6 could be seen as what’s immediately in the road ahead, where card 10 would be what’s at the finish line of this proposition.
  6. How do the expectations of the querent meet or fall short of the projected manifestation of the situation? Is the querent being realistic or missing some important detail?

(Region I) — Feminine: Conditions as a whole, the wheel as it turns.
(Region II) — Masculine: Incidental variables, the direction or velocity.


Celtic CrossThe Circle/Cross simulates the Celtic cross found throughout Ireland. This cross has a circle linking the four perpendicular spokes. The circle and cross symbolize the joining of spirit and matter and the unity of all events in time. e

Notes: The Celtic Cross is extremely common, but I found Joan Bunning’s interpretation of the spread in-depth and refreshing. Since she goes into great detail I’ve done my best to condense it here. Variation 1 is the version I’ve personally adopted, and it includes a few alterations of my own. Because this spread is so popular it will appear with various card placements and position meanings. Experiment a little, and then commit to a version you find most productive in your own practice.

This 10 card spread is traditional or well-known, so the source is unspecified.