Ten of Wands

Written by Jacob. Published on May 15th, 2014 at 19:01.

Ten of Wands Thoth Tarot

Ten of Wands Imagery

Two dorjes (in reference to the two of wands) are elongated into two thick bars as if noting imprisonment. The blast of fire from behind the wands creates hostility and an overwhelming sensation.

Ten of Wands Associations

  • Formula: Malkuth of Atziluth + Saturn in Sagittarius = “Oppression”
  • Numerical: Completion, Mastery
  • Elemental: Mutable Fire
  • Decan of the Zodiac: 20º—30º Sagittarius (Dec 13—Dec 21)
  • Sephirah: Malkuth “Kingdom”
  • Ruled by the Queen of Disks

Ten of Wands Interpretations

Good ‘ol Saturn dancing in the path of Sagittarius. Both are stubborn, both are very different in nature. Put them together into one mind and one body and we have the overbearing / controlling fatherly figure. With the 9 of Wands there was a strong and passionate force—undeniable and striking—with the 10 of wands this force is similar but now is directed towards you. Imprisonment by oppressors or resistance from allies, this card signifies the hot rush when things go against the grain. Exhaustion in energy and responsibilities.

Additional Interpretations

“Cruelty, malice, revenge, injustice. Cruel and overbearing force and energy, but applied only to material and selfish ends. Sometimes shows failure in a matter, and the opposition too strong to be controlled; arising from the person’s too great selfishness at the beginning. Ill-will, levity, lying, malice, slander, envy, obstinacy; swiftness in evil and deceit, if ill dignified. Also generosity, disinterestedness and self-sacrifice, when well dignified.” 6

“Oppression. Force detached from spiritual sources. Fire in its most destructive aspect. Cruelty and malice. Selfishness. Lying. Repression. Slander. Ill will. Can be self-sacrifice and generosity if particularly well-dignified.” 5

“Oppression. Malkuth in the suit of Fire. The Wands are crossed, showing the powers of completed energies of Fire, but they have lost their patents of nobility. In front are two dorjes lengthened to bars. This card shows the Force detached from its spiritual sources.” 5

“Oppression. Saturn in Sagittarius. Malkuth. Eight plain wand sticks, dominated by two dorjes lengthened into bars, show the slow smouldering of an exhausted force.” 5

Axank’s Dream Recall

January 27-28, 2014
At church there was a boxing ring setup. I was in a kickboxing competition. At the judging tables you could bet on competitors, and my childhood friend was sitting next to me. He had taken my whiteboard where we wrote our scoring numbers—erased everything—and wrote “FU” on it as a joke. It was playful, but pretty brash and in the face. Coach couldn’t get my name right at all, even after I told him straight up what it was.

A lot of things to piss me off, including the hits I took in the ring. I hate that feeling!