Sun Moon Star Tarot Spread

Written by Jacob. Published on August 17th, 2017 at 09:48.

78 Nights of Tarot Sun Moon Star Tarot Spread

The Sun Moon Star Tarot Spread is both simple and powerful. It reveals the identity one is attempting to project publicly and hidden natures dwelling within them. Should there be a conflict in this dynamic, a path to resolution is also offered in the spread.

Preparations and Procedure

Use all cards. Shuffle and assemble the deck normally.

Card Positions

  1. Sun. The sociable self—the outward personality. What the individual naturally radiates to others around them. May also be what image they are intentionally fabricating.
  2. Moon. The hidden self—the inward personality. What the individual is unaware of regarding their deeper, emotional self. If known to the individual, it may be what they’re trying to hide from others.
  3. Star. Path of guidance—how the individual can improve. This card indicates a path forward. If the dynamic is bleak, this is what this individual would need to rectify a poor situation.

Position Relationships

  • (1) Sun + (2) Moon. These two forces are the dance of the heavens and the underworld. Pay attention to whether the Sun-card and/or Moon-card are generally doing well or poorly. When similar the individual is being honest with themselves and others. When opposed, there is likely turmoil to be addressed.
  • (2) Moon + (3) Star. When the Moon-card is in a dark place, the Star-card is the best window of opportunity to absolve that darkness. When the Moon-card is doing well, the Star-card simply provides insight on how to sustain positivity.
  • (1) Sun + (3) Star. The sun is very bold and assumes the outward personality, the “attitude”, can pull the individual out of strife—this is sometimes true, or at least when the Sun-card and Star-cards are aligned. When opposed, the Star-card indicates the shift in attitude the individual must take as the current mode is ineffective.

Unifying Interpretations

When the Moon-card is in dismay and the Sun-card embodies strength or empowerment it could mean the individual is struggling internally but trying to keep up appearances. If the Moon-card is rather positive, but the Sun-card embodies weakness or struggle it could be interpreted the individual’s moral fiber is justified and unwavering, but the personality on display is troubled in communicating some of these ideals or intentions. Adjust the Sun-card with advice from the Star-card.

The Star-card will always modify both the Moon and Sun cards. The Star card will suggest how to rectify our outward personality—maybe we need to calm down or take a stronger lead. It will also suggest how to better the perception of ourselves—how to be more positive or have more self confidence. Sometimes both need to follow this pursuit.

Comments and Anecdotes

This is a great spread for “check-in” with some one. I use it to help clarify how a person is doing when they seem to be mixing signals, or when behavior is inconsistent or unusual.