Six of Disks

Written by Jacob. Published on October 10th, 2013 at 19:30.

Six of Disks Thoth Tarot

Six of Disks Imagery

“The center of the card pictures the Sun surrounded by the 6 other planets in a hexagram shape. The Hermetic Rose Cross (a 49 petaled rose is crucified on a 5 square cross, long associated with Masonic symbolism) is pictured on top of the Sun in the center of the design.” 6

Six of Disks Associations

  • Formula: Tiphareth of Assiah + Moon in Taurus = “Success”
  • Numerical: Harmony, Equilibrium
  • Elemental: Fixed Earth
  • Decan of the Zodiac: May 1-10
  • Sephira: Tiphareth “Beauty”
  • Ruled by Prince of Disks

Six of Disks Interpretations

The Six of Disks is success. Success in quantity, achievements in finance, and the balanced or harmonized idea of budgeting. The more social aspect of this card is philanthropy. Giving back to the community or service work. If this card is drawn, then it may suggest the Querent should consider giving back some of their fortune. This would build good karma and would be respectful to those who have helped you become successful.

Additional Interpretations

“Success in material things, prosperity in business. Success and gain in material undertakings. Power, influence, rank, nobility, rule over the people. Fortunate, successful, liberal and just. If ill dignified, may be purse-proud, insolent from excess, or prodigal.” 6

“Success. Success and gain in material things. Power. Influence. Nobility. Philanthropy. Somewhat dreamy and transitory situation. Ill-dignified: Insolence. Conceit with wealth. Prodigality.” 5

“Success. Tiphareth in the suit of Earth. Moon in Taurus. The Disks are in a hexagram. The planets are arranged in their usual attribution, in the centre the Sun as Rose and Cross. This typifies the harmonious establishment of the energy of the Element.” 5

“Success. Moon in Taurus. Tiphareth. The disks form a hexagram and represent the seven planets with the sun in the centre as a rose and cross. These indicate the harmonious movement of the spheres.” 5

Axank’s Dream Recall

July 13-14, 2013
There was an elderly man who had been very mean/spiteful towards others in his life. In my dream he wrote a book in his old age from the perspective of humble-hindsight. The book was devoted to finding flaws in his past actions and ended up warming the heart by trying to help others through his experiences. Not only is the dream a form of personal/intimate philanthropy but writing a book sounds like a successful feat in itself!