Six of Cups

Written by Jacob. Published on January 10th, 2014 at 18:01.

Six of Cups Thoth Tarot

Six of Cups Imagery

“The sea is alive with broad gentle waves, and the lotuses actually dance, leaving stem trails of perfectly symmetrical patterns and arcs. Water is again pouring into the cups from lotus blossoms, but, as yet, the cups are not filled. Four of the cups are titled and appear ready to fall, but they are pressed securely against the stems by the generous water pressure from above.” 6

Six of Cups Associations

  • Formula: Tiphareth of Briah + Sun in Scorpio = “Pleasure”
  • Numerical: Harmony, Equilibrium
  • Elemental: Fixed Water
  • Decan of the Zodiac: 10º-20º Scorpio (Nov 2-Nov 12)
  • Sephira: Tiphareth
  • Ruled by the Prince of Cups

Six of Cups Interpretations

An awesome card! This card identifies fulfillment and replenishment—especially after the dry, emptiness of the Five of Cups. This card offers an emotional (chemical) balance within the self, and within the Querent’s relationships. Happiness, joy, and satisfaction—not any more or less than you would need. The sixes always provide some form of harmony and center. In other decks, this card is often associated with fond memories of the past.

Additional Interpretations

“Beginning of wish, happiness, success, or enjoyment. Commencement of steady increase, gain and pleasure; but commencement only. Also affront, detection, knowledge, and in some instances contention and strife arising from unwarranted self-assertion and vanity. Sometimes thankless and presumptuous; sometimes amiable and patient. According to dignity as usual.” 6

“Pleasure. Well-being. Harmony of natural forces without effort or strain. Ease. Satisfaction. Happiness. Success. Fulfillment of sexual will. Beginning of steady increase (but beginning only). Ill-dignified: Vanity. Presumptuousness. Thanklessness.” 5

“Pleasure. Tiphareth in the suit of Water. Sun in Scorpio. The Lotus stems are grouped in an elaborate movement. Water gushes into them; they are full but not overflowing. This shows the influence of the Sun on Water. His fierce but balanced power operates on a type of putrefaction which is the basis of fertility.” 5

“Pleasure. Sun in Scorpio. Tiphareth. The cups are full but do not overflow, here is love for personal gratification.” 5

Axank’s Dream Recall

October 17-19, 2013
Um… let’s just say it was a pleasureful dream. Yea!