Queen of Swords

Written by Jacob. Published on July 31st, 2014 at 18:30.

Queen of Swords Thoth Tarot

Queen of Swords Imagery

Her helmet is garnished with the head of a child. She stands on a column of clouds, waving a sword in the right hand with the head of decapitated man in the left.

Queen of Swords Associations

  • Court Card: Mature + Introverted
  • Physical Features: Grey Hair, Light Brown Eyes.
  • Elemental: Water of Air
  • Sephira: Binah “Understanding”
  • Degrees of the Zodiac: 20º Virgo—20º Libra (Sep 12–Oct 12)

Queen of Swords Interpretations

She speaks from intellect. She can perceive things in the most lucid fashion (compared to other court cards). She is observant and quick on her toes. She makes judgements in the moment and is able to express or contain them depending on how she choses to wield her weapon of words.

I have seen the Queen of Swords as susceptible to anxiety (the Queen of Cups to depression) and the type of person to put themselves on a cognitive loop that would run them down.

Additional Interpretations

“Intensely perceptive, keen observation, subtle, quick and confident: often persevering, accurate in superficial things, graceful, fond of dancing and balancing. If ill dignified, cruel, sly, deceitful, unreliable, though with a good exterior.” 6

“Represents the watery part of air. A graceful woman, intensely perceptive, a keen observer, subtle interpreter, an intense individualist, confident, gracious and just. Ill-dignified: Cruel, sly, deceitful and unreliable woman. Superficial attractiveness makes her all the more dangers.” 5

“Represents the water part of Air, that is its elasticity and transmissive power. She is throned on the clouds, and her helmet carries a child’s head. In one hand a sword, in the other a head of a man. She represents the clear perception of an idea, the Liberator of mind.” 5

“The placing of the cruel queen on columns of clouds is intended to suggest rain and the consequent darkening of the skies.” 5

Axank’s Dream Recall

May 05-06, 2014
There was a cave with a new road through it. A girl in my vehicle was arguing with the driver about the ethics of the newly developed area; I was in a relay race outside a rundown mall and one of the first tasks was to write your name on a piece of paper and run to Fleet Feet—first one there gets baseball tickets. Didn’t give a damn about tickets, but did about winning. An old friend’s wife was before me so I couldn’t go until she wrote her name. She looked at me with a huge smile and proceeded to write her name extremely slowly to run out my time from the people who went before us. I started cursing at her calling a bitch etc, so she proceeded to write her name 5 more times. Some how I was able to write my name after the confrontation and run off. After scrambling to find the place I saw she had followed me instead of figuring out any kind of clues or puzzles. She really pissed me off.