Queen of Disks

Written by Jacob. Published on November 6th, 2013 at 20:30.

Queen of Disks Thoth Tarot

Queen of Disks Imagery

She is seated, looking out to the expansive barren scenery behind her. A golden scepter is in one hand and an orb representing all Disks is crutched in the other.

Queen of Disks Associations

  • Court Card: Mature + Introverted
  • Physical Features: Dark hair, dark eyes
  • Elemental: Water of Earth
  • Sephirah: Binah “Understanding”
  • Degrees of the Zodiac: 20º Sagittarius–20º Capricorn (Dec 13–Jan 9)

Queen of Disks Interpretations

The Queen of Disks is in ways much like the Princess of Disks in her reserved, kind, and patient qualities. The Queen, however, is more skilled and active in her works. She finds strength in being alone or keeping to herself, she responds to sensations and feelings as opposed to thoughts or intuition. She is quick to casting judgement and making decisions on most matters. She has a very soul-nourishing and reverence about her. She likes to keep herself busy and is good at what she does. Her craft is tempered and she’s ready to deliver on a dime, thought wouldn’t go about it in an showy way.

Additional Interpretations

“She is impetuous, kind; timid, rather charming; great-hearted; intelligent, melancholy; truthful, yet of many moods. If ill dignified she is undecided, capricious, changeable, foolish.” 6

DuQuette describes the Queen of Disks as “Life-giving water to a thirsty Earth”. He quotes Crowley’s commentary on those represented by the Queen, “‘They are not intellectual, and not particularly intelligent; but instinct and intuition are more than adequate for their needs…She thus represents the ambition of matter to take part in the great work of Creation.'” 6

“Represents the watery part of earth. A woman ambitious in useful directions, affectionate and kinds, charming, timid, practical, quiet and domesticated. Ill-dignified: Dull. Servile. Foolish. Capricious. Prone to debauch and moodiness.” 5

“Watery part of Earth or fertility. She is throned amid vegetation and crowned with the spiral horns of Markhor. Her sceptre is surmounted by a cube, and she holds her proper Disk—a sphere of circles and loops. She typifies ambition of matter to take part in the work of creation.” 5

“Every symbol in this picture suggests the fertility and warmth of earth.” 5

Axank’s Dream Recall

September 05-06, 2013
There was a newly built house up a trail that I was curious about, the fence around the property had big chains locking the gate. From another perspective I was able to see the house. The perimeter of the property was very tight and close up against the house, hot tub, and trampoline but the house was very beautiful and and had a modern, clean, warm and soft aesthetic to it. I was very envious of it, but also not envious of the size of the yard around the house.

I think this goes well with the characteristics of the Queen because she is very good at what she does but she does it in conservative amounts. Her beauty radiates and works in very quiet, subtle ways but it is exquisite.