Princess of Swords

Written by Jacob. Published on July 29th, 2014 at 18:30.

Princess of Swords Thoth Tarot

Princess of Swords Imagery

The Princess of Swords appears in an angelic environment of cloud and a silver altar. She is a warrior-princess with a helmet of Medusa.

Princess of Swords Associations

  • Court Card: Innocent, Introverted
  • Physical Features: Light Brown Hair, Blue Eyes
  • Elemental: Earth of Air
  • Sephira: Malkuth “Kingdom”
  • Zodiac Quadrant Signs: Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces
  • Geographic Quadrant: North Pole and the Americas
  • Princess to the throne of the Ace of Swords

Princess of Swords Interpretations

The tactfulness of air—powerful wit and logic. Her blade is at the ready, thoughts flow productively with precision. When met with curiosity she doesn’t hesitate to press for answers. Earth of air equates to manifestation of the mind: she most accurately puts her thoughts into words in comparison to other court cards.

Additional Interpretations

“Wisdom, strength, acuteness; subtlety in material things: grace and dexterity. If ill dignified, she is frivolous and cunning.” 6

“Represents the earthy part of air. A young woman, stern and revengeful, with destructive logic, firm and aggressive, with great practical wisdom and subtlety, dexterous in management of practical affairs. Ill-dignified: Woman filled with low cunning and frivolousness.” 5

“The earthy part of Air; the fixation of the volatile, or the materialisation of the Idea. She appears in this card in front of a barren altar, and has a helmet of Medusa on her head.” 5

“This is air in the earth, the oxygen which promotes the growth of plants and the warlike rush of the figure of the princess is the incarnation of dynamic irruption.” 5

Axank’s Dream Recall

April 20-23, 2014
I really don’t think I can sleep with this card under my pillow. I can’t rest for some reason, I have trouble keeping my thoughts calm and going to bed.

One fragment of a dream: I was helping KSN with something website wise. I pulled up developer tools and started analyzing what was going on and explaining to him what was happening and how to fix it—then fixed it right there.