Princess of Cups

Written by Jacob. Published on January 29th, 2014 at 19:30.

Princess of Cups Thoth Tarot

Princess of Cups Imagery

The princess is aligned with the spirit of the ocean depths, surrounded by sea life. With eyes closed she is sensitized by her place in the ocean waves.

Princess of Cups Associations

  • Court Card: Innocent + Introverted
  • Physical Features: Brown hair, blue or brown eyes
  • Elemental: Earth of Water
  • Sephira: Malkuth “Kingdom”
  • Zodiac Quadrant Signs: Libra + Scorpio + Sagittarius
  • Geographic Quadrant: North Pole and the Pacific
  • Princess to the throne of the Ace of Cups

Princess of Cups Interpretations

She is sensitive and kind. Full of vigor and care. She connects on an emotional level and is able to manifest her desires and dreams. Soft and gentle but easily moved by the motion of the waves—thus influenced by her environment.

Additional Interpretations

“Sweetness, poetry, gentleness and kindness. Imaginative, dreamy, at times indolent, yet courageous if roused. When ill dignified she is selfish and luxurious.” 6

“Represents the earthy part of water. A young woman, infinitely gracious, all sweetness, voluptuousness, gentleness, kindness, romantic and dreamy. Ill-dignified: Indolent, selfish and luxurious woman.” 5

“Earthy part of Water, or its faculty of crystallisation, also its power to give substance to idea, to support Life, and to form a basis of chemical combination. She is represented as a dancing figure, and has a crest of a swan with open wings. She carries a Cup with a tortoise. The dolphin symbolises the power of creation.” 5

“Here is snow. Round the princess’s dress are water crystals, beside her is a dolphin of Venus; the tortoise is an emblem of earth to show the solidification of water in mud, ice and snow.” 5

Axank’s Dream Recall

November 11-12, 2013
Was driving along a country side on a dirt road, where there came an incline a station was setup. The station was a large sphere maybe 3 stories high. It was filled with water and you could pass through the sphere like there was some kind of thin membrane. In there you could swim and float but be vertically suspended within the sphere. It was sunny and bright and great. When swimming in the sphere there was a young man who was aggressive and rude and harassing people. An older lady was also there and spoke to him, getting him to change his behavior. He became less aggressive and everyone was able to return to their enjoyment.

In this dream I not only see the obvious connection to water, but I feel that the lady had the spirit of the Princess of Cups. She was there to take care of things with a kind heart, she was very tactile with her expression, and she made feelings known and affected within others. The sensation of just being in a pleasant place, too, was fitting for the Princess of Cups.