Prince of Wands

Written by Jacob. Published on May 22nd, 2014 at 19:00.

Prince of Wands Thoth Tarot

Prince of Wands Imagery

The prince is seated in the Thunderbolt asana yogic position on his chariot. A Lion pulls the cart; This card is filled with fire red, gold, and yellow angles.

Prince of Wands Associations

  • Court Card: Youthful + Extroverted
  • Physical Features: Brown hair, grey or brown eyes
  • Elemental: Air of Fire
  • Sephira: Tiphareth “Beauty”
  • Degrees of the Zodiac: 20º Cancer—20º Leo (July 12—Aug 11)

Prince of Wands Interpretations

A fierce card–loyal and strong and competitive in nature. Though the Prince of Wands is capable of being generous and noble he can also be hasty or violent. He is impulsive and heavy in his actions—it may be possible his actions arrive before his thoughts. It can be difficult for him to hold emotion in, he prefers to share it. At the same time he will probably hide any weakness, usually by denying it and cloaking in his radiance. Everyone loves his energy but there are those who will get burnt out easily, will compete with, or will be over-shadowed by him.

Additional Interpretations

“Swift, strong, hasty; rather violent, yet just and generous; noble and scorning meanness. If ill dignified—cruel, intolerant, prejudiced and ill natured.” 6

“Represents the airy part of fire. A young man, swift and strong, impulsive, violent, just, noble and generous with a sense of humor. Ill-dignified: Proud, intolerant, cruel and prejudiced youth who may be a coward.” 5

“Airy part of Fire, with its faculty of expanding and volatilising. He is seated in a Chariot of Flame and holds the Phoenix Wand of Power and Energy.” 5

“Here is shown the airy quality of fire, smoke and expansion.” 5

Axank’s Dream Recall

February 04-05, 2014
I was with my brother, and we we’re driving. It was snowy and we came to this small slope with a part of the ground missing. On foot we went through the hole and made our way through snow tunnels. We had to begin digging where suddenly we were in a race to unbury the trophy before our competitors. My father who was competing against us found it first. Afterwards there was cute tea and snacks inside the snow mound. I didn’t eat or drink any of it.

It’s interesting to me there’s snow in this dream when the card is about fire/air elements. Regardless there is a theme of competition which has to do with both the Princes and the Wands.