Prince of Disks

Written by Jacob. Published on October 31st, 2013 at 19:31.

Prince of Disks Thoth Tarot

Prince of Disks Imagery

The prince is seated in a chariot which is drawn by a bull. He is surrounded by etchings of plant life and bull figures (such as his crown).

Prince of Disks Associations

  • Court Card: Youthful + Extroverted
  • Physical Features: Dark brown hair, dark eyes
  • Elemental: Air of Earth
  • Sephira: Tephareth “Beauty”
  • Degrees of the Zodiac: 20º Aries–20º Taurus (April 11–May 10)

Prince of Disks Interpretations

The Prince of Disks doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve. The Prince is keen on waiting for the right moment and holding through until that moment. He may at times even be seen as slow. Even if he’s slow to anger it would be a bad idea to provoke him needlessly. He does socially rely on the energy of others and acts on sensation and feelings as opposed to thoughts or intuition.

Additional Interpretations

“Increase of matter. Increases good or evil, solidifies, practically applies things. Steady; reliable. If ill dignified he is selfish, animal and material; stupid. In either case slow to anger, but furious if roused.” 6

“Represents the airy part of earth. A young man brining great energy to practical matters. A capable manager and steadfast worker competent, perhaps considered dull, somewhat resentful of spiritual types, slow to anger but implacable if aroused.” 5

“Airy part of Earth or the florescence and fructification of that element. He is seated in a chariot drawn by a bull. His helmet is crowned by a bull; and he holds a Disk resembling a globe and marked with mathematical symbols. In his other hand he carries a sceptre surmounted by a cross. The card symbolises the function of bringing forth from the Earth the vegetation which is the substance of the Spirit itself.” 5

“The prince in a chariot, drives an impetuous bull, he is a symbol of the fruits and seeds of earth.” 5

Axank’s Dream Recall

September 04-05, 2013
This was another difficult card to dream with (probably just due to my schedule lately). I recall some sort of sign up list or queue of people—I was going to teach them about the Tarot.

There was a lot of planning and preparation involved.